They arrived at the Cantina

Previously: “And then she agreed?”


How did you convince her?”

I scratched her behind her ears, and afterwards I asked her if that felt good. She wagged her tail. Then I said, ‘But you’ve been dead since 2002, how can that feel at all?’ The next thing I knew I was riding this dusty trail. Wearing a badge.”

I, for one, am very glad to see you,” Chris was delighted—after all Hiram, Jr. was one of the best peace officers in the state, “Have you solved the murder yet? Who was murdered?”

Just as Hiram was about to speak—the episode ended.

* “The Beagamute™” and “Coo-coo,” both refer, of course to “Cujo,” the actual name of a real dog…but also the title of a book (and movie) written by Stephen King. There has been no problem with using the name thus far—but since I am against plagiarism in any form, henceforth, we will refer to our “Cujo” either as either “The Beagamute™” or “Coo-coo.” I don’t think she’d mind.

Chapter 6—Loco Part III—Episode 3…A half-day later…Chris lead an advance party to scout the fort—no sense riding into a trap. They soon arrived in front of the cantina, a short distance away from the fort. Big Mac swept the fort with his field glasses, and as far as he could tell, the fort was quiet. A soldier would sometimes walk past the open gate, and there was a sentry who made irregular rounds of the battlements—but otherwise it was quite quiet. Normal.

Chris led an advance party to scout the fort

Chris lead an advance party to scout the fort

All four were parched beyond all reason (riding across the desert sometimes does that), and a vote was taken.

By a vote of four to zero, they decided check-out this cantina.

No one noticed the sign tacked by the door.

At least not immediately.

They shouldn’t have been surprised.

Well,” Hiram huffed, “It appears I’m not welcome here.”

It appears I'm not welcome here

“Well,” Hiram huffed, “It appears I’m not welcome here.”

What was your first clue?” Mac rumbled. It was not a happy rumble.

I wonder if women—women who are not trollops—are welcome here,” Susie smiled—it was not a happy smile.

Shall we go in, anyway?” Chris wasn’t really asking—if you looked closely, GENTLE READER, you would have seen her gun-hand flexing. Just a little.

To be Continued…


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4 Responses to They arrived at the Cantina

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’d guess we’re going in.


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Exercising the gun finger always feels sooooooooo good and then my heart rate goes up and it is such a rush!


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