An end to the stand-off

Fort Justice BannerPreviously: NOW JIST HOLD ON!” A voice from behind them shouted, “You best stand down!”

They turned to look and two cavalrymen were pointing their Sharps carbines at them.

Drop yer guns—slow and easy-like.”

Major McClellan has a nice brig jest a-waitin’ fer you—one you ain’t likely t’get out of.”

They have two shots—we have six,” Chris observed.

Yeah, but it seems as though they got the drop on us—two of us are gonna get hurt,” Mac rumbled.

Oh GREAT!—GENTLE READER—Why does this sort of thing ALWAYS happen on Friday?

Chapter 6—Loco Part III—Fort Savage—Episode 5…things looked bad for all, until… two grizzled, old cavalry veterans turned towards the other two troopers—drawing their Colts, “You fellers had oughta stand-down,” the older of the two, a sergeant-major said quietly, “This is a direct order—put those carbines down.”

This is a direct order—put those carbines down

“This is a direct order—put those carbines down.”

Where does the army find these no good fer nothin’ troopers?” the other, a corporal asked, “We served in a brigade with the 10th Cavalry, an’ I give anything fer some o’them Buffalo Soldiers t’serve with us.”

The distraction caused by the two veterans allowed our heroes to draw their weapons putting an immediate end to the stand-off.

This is my place, and I determine who I serve here,” The barkeep said, “I’m barely gettin’ by now, an’ if I serve Indians and Nigras…”

Well, now—if you don’t serve them, we’ll be leaving,” Sergeant-Major Hugh Jackson Cantrell replied.

So leave, b’God, Ain’t nobody kin tell who I hafta serve!”

That’s true. But I know Major McClellan don’t much like this place.”

Not only that,” Corporal Edwin Lehmann added, “These two troopers was supposed to ride out with their platoon this morning, making them AWOL, if not deserters. That’s all the Major needs to make this place off-limits for the garrison.”

He’d do that?”

Damn-right,” Cantrell replied, I’ll tell you what—I’m ready to retire and I got some money saved-up. How much you want to sell-out?”

Aw hell—five-hunnert, an’ not a penny less.”

How much you gonna make if the Major puts you off-limits?”


Well…” Cantrell hesitated.

Aw hell, Hugh, I’m ready to retire too,” Corporal Lehmann said, “I’ll throw in with ya on buyin’ this hell-hole.”

Well, okay, two-fifty,” Cantrell said, then turned to the troopers, “You fellas get outa here and catch-up to your unit, and we’ll forget we saw you here. Tell your lieutenant I had you on detail.”

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to An end to the stand-off

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Well, that takes care of that!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    hmmmm I think I missed something there and better re read that!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    That really was too easy… 😛


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