Farkleberry-Henry .44-40

Fort Savage BannerPreviously: “Damn-right,” Cantrell replied, I’ll tell you what—I’m ready to retire and I got some money saved-up. How much you want to sell-out?”

Aw hell—five-hunnert, an’ not a penny less.”

How much you gonna make if the Major puts you off-limits?”


Well…” Cantrell hesitated.

Aw hell, Hugh, I’m ready to retire too,” Corporal Lehmann said, “I’ll throw in with ya on buyin’ this hell-hole.”

Well, okay, two-fifty,” Cantrell said, then turned to the troopers, “You fellas get outa here and catch-up to your unit, and we’ll forget we saw you here. Tell your lieutenant I had you on detail.”

Chapter 6—Loco Part III—Fort Savage—Episode 6…Six weeks earlier in Danger Bay… Gray Wolf Silverthorn and his son, Kuckunniwi (Little Wolf) James Silverthorn found Medlar Farkleberry, Great-Great-Grandfather of 21st Century Medlar & Shaddock Farkleberry.

Silverthorns asked for Farkleberry's help

Silverthorns asked for Farkleberry’s help

It seems they were about to set out on a journey, the reason was explained by Grey-Wolf, “My horse, Chatan (Hawk) Fears for the well-being of Hanska-Enapay (Tall-Brave), whom you may know as Boomer’s, Pal. Pal is descended from Hawk and he can feel Pal’s distress.”

An’ I reckon, for Boomer and his friends.”

Yes, Little Wolf and I, along with four of our best marksmen, are leaving at first sun tomorrow. We believe even though our number is small, our skill as sharpshooters will make up for that. We have Henry Rifles, but because of their limited range, I believe we require longer-ranged rifles.”

Wal I reckon you’ve come to the right place—I’ve been working on modifying the Henry Rifle. The standard Henry has an effective (meaning accurate) range of some 200 yards. I increased the barrel-length from 29” to 36”, and chambered the rifle to take .44-40 ammunition. This extended the effective range to 350 yards.”

How many do you have?”


How many will you sell us?”


But we have…”

I’m givin’ ’em to ya. I need to have them tested afor I try t’sell ’em.”

Six weeks later—In northern Nevada…The six of them were already skilled sharpshooters and along their journey they had practiced their craft until they were comfortable with the ballistics of the “Farkleberry-Henry .44-40.” In fact, the best two braves had extended the effective range of their rifles to 400 yards with their natural shooting skill.

Hey, Pop,” Little Wolf Silverthorn exclaimed, “Tracks!”

They found tracks in the sand

“Hey, Pop,” Little Wolf Silverthorn exclaimed, “Tracks!”

There were indeed. But whose?

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to Farkleberry-Henry .44-40

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    I want a “Farkleberry .44-40!” 😉


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    That’s high tech stuff!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow that is a cool picture!


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