300 yards

Fort Savage BannerPreviously: Six weeks later—In northern Nevada…“How many will you sell us?”


But we have…”

I’m givin’ ’em to ya. I need to have them tested afor I try t’sell ’em.”

The six of them were already skilled sharpshooters and along their journey they had practiced their craft until they were comfortable with the ballistics of the “Farkleberry-Henry .44-40.” In fact, the best two braves had extended the effective range of their rifles to 400 yards with their natural shooting skill.

Hey, Pop,” Little Wolf Silverthorn exclaimed, “Tracks!”

There were indeed. But whose?

Chapter 6—Loco Part III—Fort Savage—Episode 6…All were horse-tracks, and some of the tracks were of shod hooves, indicating a mixed group of Indians and as determined by horseshoe style, cavalry. Grey Wolf believed they were the ones they sought—and the ones who needed their help—whether they realized it or not.

They increased their pace with four of the braves spreading-out on either flank and moving some distance ahead—just in case.

The scouts found Cooper's Cavalry

The scouts found Cooper’s Cavalry

The four scouts quickly found—and easily evaded the column’s own Indian scouts, at least those who were trailing the column. The Eagle Point band of Ojibwe’s scouts simply had no equal—and the fact they were equipped with binoculars helped—just a little.

Just in case Grey Wolf was wrong about their identity.

The tracks were less than a day old, and by the spacing they were riding at a walk. The outriders found tracks as well—this mixed-force had scouts deployed on their flanks.

After this discovery, Grey Wolf decided for certain these were the ones and stepped-up their pace to a trot. The large powerful, sentient, horses could trot for hours—quite happily I should add, GENTLE READER!

A half hour later, Grey Wolf caught up with Cooper’s cavalry. Cooper was no man’s fool and wheeled around to meet the perceived threat, “Greetings, Colonel, we come not to attack, but to serve.”

Greetings. And who might you be—and how did you evade my scouts?”

I am Mingan Silverthorn, ‘Gray Wolf’ in English, chief of the Eagle Point band of Ojibwe” he replied, “We offer our services as sharpshooters.”

Grey Wolf caught up with Cooper's cavalry

“Greetings, Colonel, we come not to attack, but to serve.”

Are you really sharpshooters?”

Grey Wolf merely held up a feather from his headress—it immediately exploded.

A split second later—they heard the rifle’s report.

How far away?”

300 yards.”

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to 300 yards

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Cool I am glad help has arrived. I feel a good gunfight coming woot 🙂


  2. lhalvorLinda says:

    Nice touch. The feather.


  3. lhalvor says:

    What? Preferred 400 yards?


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Dang! They know how to make a point!


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