Fort Savage BannerPreviously: A half hour later, Grey Wolf caught up with Cooper’s cavalry. Cooper was no man’s fool and wheeled around to meet the perceived threat, “Greetings, Colonel, we come not to attack, but to serve.”

Greetings. And who might you be—and how did you evade my scouts?”

I am Mingan Silverthorn, ‘Gray Wolf’ in English, chief of the Eagle Point band of Ojibwe replied, “We offer our services as sharpshooters.”

Are you really sharpshooters?”

Grey Wolf merely held up a feather from his headress—it immediately exploded.

A split second later—they heard the rifle’s report.

How far away?”

300 yards.”

Chapter 6—Loco Part III—Fort Savage—Episode 7… “What kind of marksman can do this?”

One of my braves—with a Henry,” Gray Wolf replied, “I kind of liked that particular feather—I told him to just nick it, not destroy it.”

A Henry? They’re not all that accurate. Your sharpshooter is very good.”

It's a Farkleberry-Henry

It’s a Farkleberry-Henry

He is my younger son, Brave Hawk, and he will answer for this feather,” Gray Hawk replied, “He is very good, but not our best marksman.”

But—a Henry?”

Ahhh—it is a Farkleberry-Henry .44-40, chambered to use that cartridge and equipped with a 36” barrel—like mine,” Gray Wolf raising his Henry, explained, “I need a new feather.”

With that kind of accuracy—how?”

The standard Henry fires a blunt-nosed .44 bullet, our Farkleberry-Henry’s fire a sharply pointed, copper-clad bullet which allows for a flatter trajectory, we don’t have to account as much for the bullet’s natural arc.”

How fast can you shoot?”

26 rounds/minute, maximum, but for sharpshooting, half that.”

And you wish to join us?”

We are friends of the marshals, who by now are at Fort,” Gray Wolf paused before spitting out, “Savage. We believe they are in great danger. So, to answer your question, yes. But we will go there with—or without you.”

Then we shall ride together. I ask you to meet with my scouts—and perhaps let them know how you eluded them.”

I will have my son Brave Hawk work with them, the rest of us will trail behind on your flanks. That will allow us to provide long-range support WHEN it becomes necessary.”

Do you think we’ll be attacked?”

I believe that is certain.”

It was then that Chatan (Hawk) spoke surprising Lt. Col. Cooper about out of his skin, “I fear for the well-being of Hanska-Enapay (Tall-Brave), my great-great-great-grandson, who is now at Fort Savage, and his human, Boomer.”

Y-y-you speak?”

Yes. And so does, your horse, Minminewah, or in your tongue, Whirlwind. He would much rather be called that name, than what you call him.”

To be Continued…


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9 Responses to Sharpshooters

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    We gotta find a new feather … I know someone with feathers … !


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Never fear I am here!!! LOL 🙂 So turn that frownie in to a smiley. I love the feather thing. I am glad Cooper will now know his horse can speak and will called by his proper name. This is getting exciting for sure!


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