Fort Savage BannerPreviously:  “Okay,” Jay said quietly, “Maybe after we leave the town marshal should leave the jail open and when the raiders come, tell them we have him—and let them try and catch us.”

“I want to go,” Flutters stated, “Aerial recon would help, wouldn’t it?”

“Good, thanks Flutters,” Boomer was itching to get going, “Let’s ride like the wind, Pal!”

If Boomer only knew what Gray Wolf knew…

Chapter 6—Loco Part III—Fort Savage—Episode 13…Somewhere on the trail…Boomer, Jay, Hiram, & Company were about halfway to Loco—and as had been their practice since they left Fort Savage—sent “Poodle” (as I have learned is PepperCooper’s nickname, GENTLE READER) and Daisy to scout ahead, and Flutters to scout behind them. They would periodically reverse search directions.

Somewhere on the trail

Somewhere on the trail

While Flutters relied on his keen eyesight, and the dogs on their noses and keen hearing for detecting anyone following or intercepting them.

“So far, so good,” Boomer observed, “But I have a feeling deep in my gut, that we’ll not make it to Loco without trouble.”

“I as well, Giimoozaabi,” Hiram agreed.

“Giimoozaabi? Don’t you mean Kemosabe, Tonto?”

“Kemosabe was derived from giimoozaabi, an Ojibwe and Potawatomi word that is sometimes translated as ‘trusty scout’ or “faithful friend,’ Giimoozaabi,” Hiram replied (he, of course, was quite correct), “So now you know.”

“Who knew?” Jay added.

“We must avoid 21st Century idioms,” Hiram suggested.

“Yeah,” Boomer added, “Idioms are hard to deal with in any century—really stupid people really annoy me.”

“Aw c’mon, cut me some slack,” Jay purposely used yet another 21st Century anachronism—causing his companions sigh deeply.

The hours passed—slowly. Most of the time the horses would trot, and then walk long enough for the canine scouts to either catch-up, or move ahead. Both Poodle and Daisy—true to their canine heritage—were tireless, ‘though both were longing for a nice nap—also true to their heritage.

The banter of the humans had degenerated into bored silence. Bored silence that was ended by Flutters, “Many riders on your right rear about an hour away!”

“Do you recognize them?”

“Too far away to be sure, but there were around fifty of them.”

“Go find out,” Jay ordered, “The dogs are ahead of us, let’s catch them and gather them up on the horses. I don’t think even trotting is enough now.”

All three horses broke into a full gallop.

Thus ends Chapter 6, but our story? To be continued…


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4 Responses to Giimoozaabi

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I had no idea what “Giimoozaabi” could be, but when you sound it out, you can hear the “Kemosabe” in there. Very cool. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Very nice research on the Kemosabe!! I am researching indigenous birds around the Danger Bay area that fly at dusk…would you not like to know why? 🙂


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