Fort Justice BannerPreviously: “Your name must be Cooper. I should have guessed—you bear quite a resemblance—you have ancestors at the fort, Lieutenant-Colonel Phineas Cooper, your Gr-Gr-Great-Grandfather & Captain Jeremiah Cooper, your Gr-Great-Grand-Uncle.”

Sensing the danger over, the equine contingent returned and Pal (Hanska-Enapay or Tall-Brave) was greeted by Chatan (Hawk), “You are well, Tall-Brave?”

“Tall-Brave? I am ‘Pal’ and I am fine, why do you ask?”

“I am Chatan, your many-generations grandsire and the first of our line to be granted sentience. You are also known as Hanska-Enapay, ‘Tall-Brave’ in English.”

“Uh-oh,” Boomer thought, “I should remember this, I think.”

Chapter 7—Loco Part IV, Fort Justice—Episode 7—On the trail to Fort Savage… “If it’s all the same to you, Chatan,” Pal replied, “And don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate learning my spirit-name, I’ve had the name ‘Pal,’ a name that means ‘close friend,’ since sentience. Human-Boomer is that friend.”

Cooper, Gray Wolf, & Co on the trail to Ft Savage

“I am pleased with your wisdom, Tall Brave.”

“I am pleased with your wisdom, Tall Brave.”

“So am I,” Boomer whispered so only Pal could hear, “So am I.”

“Oh…I am glad as well, Pal,” Daisy bayed.

“Me too,” Poodle arfed.

“Canines—SPEAKING?” Chatan whinnied, “Sentient dogs? What IS this world coming to?”

“Horses with a sense of humor, Pepper-Poodle? Who knew?”

“Wonders never cease, Daisy Legs,” Poodle laughed.

“Well,” Chatan whinnied, “I didn’t think canines were intelligent enough to gain sentience.”

“And yet, your human has spoken with my big sister, Cujo,” Daisy was just a bit sardonic (while smiling crookedly—just like big sister), “Your human, Grey Wolf must not have shared that with you.”

“Touché,” Chatan replied, “Sister, you say? She is not all Beagle—different sires?”

“No, different parents altogether. She’s sixteen years older than I am.”

“How old are you?”

“Eight—soon to be nine.”

“Canines do not usually live 25 years.”

“Oh—she’s been dead—for the past twelve years, in fact. I never met her in life.”

The look on Chatan’s face was priceless.

“While our four-legged friends, both new and old get to know one-another, we should plan our approach to Fort Savage,” Jay had concerns—who wouldn’t, GENTLE READER?

To be continued…


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2 Responses to “Touché”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Because they never really leave us, do they?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack Boardman says:

      Even with the wonderful Daisy “Legs” Beagle, I STILL miss my Cujo, and always will. I’ve had two GREAT dogs in my life: Daisy & Cujo. 😀


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