Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner Previously: “Horses with a sense of humor, Pepper-Poodle? Who knew?”

“Wonders never cease, Daisy Legs,” Poodle laughed.

“Well,” Chatan whinnied, “I didn’t think canines were intelligent enough to gain sentience.”

“And yet, your human has spoken with my big sister, Cujo,” Daisy was just a bit sardonic (while smiling crookedly—just like big sister), “Your human, Grey Wolf must not have shared that with you.”

“Touché,” Chatan replied, “Sister, you say? She is not all Beagle—different sires?”

“No, different parents altogether. She’s sixteen years older than I am.”

“How old are you?”

“Eight—soon to be nine.”

“Canines do not usually live 25 years.”

“Oh—she’s been dead—for the past twelve years, in fact. I never met her in life.”

The look on Chatan’s face was priceless.

“While our four-legged friends, both new and old get to know one-another, we should plan our approach to Fort Savage,” Jay had concerns—who wouldn’t, GENTLE READER?

Chapter 7—Loco Part IV, Fort Justice—Episode 8—Jay and Company made pretty-good time—considering the fact that their prisoner was not riding a sentient horse—a horse of questionable ancestry.

When they FINALLY arrived at Fort Savage—er—Fort Justice—they found a town had sprung-up by the fort.

A town had sprung-up by the fort.

When they FINALLY arrived at Fort Savage—er—Fort Justice—they found a town had sprung-up by the fort.

Not only was a town being built—but a railroad line HAD been built with a station, and two water-towers!

Jay decided to deliver their prisoner, Johann Schwarzkopf/Jonathan Spencer, to the guardhouse in the fort—where he was reunited with Captain Obediah McMillan and Major McClellan. Jay learned that Sarah, Chris and the rest of his companions were holding-court at La Cantina.

Lt. Colonel and Captain Cooper were there, along with Chris, Sarah, Boomer, Larry, AJ, Hiram Jr. and Susie, he asked, “How?”

“Cujo bent time to make the improvements to the place, Jay,” Phineas Cooper replied, “And it is good to see you have the Cooper penchant to marry well.”

Jay simply grinned.

To be continued…


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4 Responses to “How?”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Is Cujo available to help with home improvement projects?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Aww is that not a sweet compliment Sarah! 🙂 Yes I need Cujo’s help too please!

    Liked by 1 person

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