“Boys, get ready…”

Previously: Caleb Smith and his long-time partner, Carson James had been at this since the war, and were quite well-off as a testament to their skill in selecting targets.

If you remember, GENTLE READER, our heroes were ambushed a few episodes ago—the men who ambushed them were never found.

For good reason—Smith, James, and company took care of that—all were now buzzard-bait. Or they would be if they hadn’t been buried where they fell.

Smith and James were not about to leave any evidence behind.

The mine was not their only hideout; there were four others. Each well-equipped with provisions.

There is still more about these two men—both are respectable, wealthy citizens of Loco Nevada who own a very-successful silver mine.

Why, exactly, are they outlaws?

Chapter 8—Fort Justice—Episode 9… They didn’t find mining any longer a challenge—their mine was one in the beginning, but had long-since become mundane daily business and—well—boring.

“Those damn-fools who ambushed those marshal’s made this diversion much more difficult, Carson.”

On a high-point overlooking the trail

“They’re no longer a problem and no one will find their carcasses.”

“They’re no longer a problem and no one will find their carcasses.”

“We must do something about those marshals—there’s too many of them.”

“We could kill them, Caleb, but that would only bring even more.”

“I hear a wagon down on the trail…”

“It’s the stagecoach—a lovely target.”

As the stage came into sight they observed a man riding beside it.

“Is that a marshal?”

“Can’t tell from here, but if he is—he’s only one.”

“Boys, get ready,” Caleb called-out, “We might have a target—ripe for the picking.”

Meanwhile—the stagecoach was moving at a rapid pace—the driver was too nervous to go slower—one marshal, to his way of thinking was simply not enough protection and he wasn’t paid enough to get killed.

He’d heard the reputation this Marshal Boomer had—lightning fast with that Remington .44 and a dead-shot at close-range—but even that wasn’t enough to calm his nerves.

Boomer had his eye on the hill off to their right—a perfect spot for an ambush.

Smith & James spot a target

On the hill—Caleb gave the order…

On the hill—Caleb gave the order…

To be continued…


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5 Responses to “Boys, get ready…”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    This feels a bit like a Friday cliffhanger on a Thursday!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    My thoughts exactly I had to check my calendar 🙂 Nice pictures and go to know the bad guys that took the marshal and locked poor Flutters up are out of the way but we don’t know why they took him?

    Liked by 1 person

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