“Yes, I just bet you are”

Murder in Danger Bay BannerPreviously:

And he continued smiling as he passed through the villages and towns along old US 61: French River, Tom’s Logging Camp, Knife River, Two Harbors, where he stopped at the Vanilla Bean Café, Castle Danger, Gooseberry Falls, Beaver Bay, Silver Bay, Temperance River, Tofte, and finally, Grand Marais, where he paused.

Smiling and anticipating.

Season 10—Chapter 1—A Murder in Danger Bay—Episode 2:

Driving into Danger Bay brought back feelings he could not describe. Killing Ace had been one thing, but he had always been afraid of Millie.  She was a ruthless woman.

Millie lived in a house on the bluffs and it was fairly secluded, so he was safe there.  Parking the car a fair bit away Han’s walked to the house on the bluff just at dusk.  Making sure Millie was alone.  When he was satisfied she was he came in through the kitchen door and up the back staircase.  Millie’s room was at the end of the long hallway and he could hear her moving around in the room.  The door was closed and he quietly walked towards the door.

He turned the knob very slowly and as quiet as he could, he did not know where Millie was in the room and did not want to tip her off that anyone was there. He listens for a moment, sounds as if she were in the bathroom.  He could hear the shower running.

Turning the knob the rest of the way Hans stepped into the room, his gun drawn.  Millie has just stepped out of the shower and put her robe on, a towel wrapped around her head.  She turned towards the mirror and screamed at what she saw in the reflection.

“Hello Millie, did you miss me?”  Hans’ voice sounded flat and cold.

Millie gathered her composure and turned to face Hans.  “Why of course I missed you brother dear. Glad you are out of prison.”

Hans sneered, “Yes, I just bet you are.”

With that Hans shot Millie point-blank in the middle of the forehead.  She died with a very surprised look on her face as she fell backwards on to her granite counter top.

Hans smiled, turned and walked back the way he had come in shutting the door on this chapter of his life. 

He walked back to his car and drove out of Danger Bay without anyone seeing him.

He never saw the train.

He never saw the train

He never saw the train

To be continued…


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4 Responses to “Yes, I just bet you are”

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    Just a few hundred yards down the road is the Cabin-on-the-Rock…and that damn loco woke Daisy, who in turn woke me and demanded to go outside to “powder her snout.” Just like in the “real world.” 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    WHOA!! Ending the week with a BANG!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Now that is a cliff hanger literally… 🙂


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Why of course I missed you brother dear. Glad you are out of prison.

    Not YET famous last words. 😛


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