The Blue Swallow

Murder in Danger Bay Banner Previously: Chris immediately keyed her mike, “This is Chris, responding from Danger Bay, ETA 10 minutes, Dispatching Air Rescue One.”

“Mind if I tag along?” Wyatt asked as he climbed into the big Sheriff’s Tahoe.

“I can use the help”, Chris replied, and then radioed Sarah Cooper, “Sarah—Chris here—How soon can you get Rescue One in the air?”

“Chris—I’m at the airfield now. We can be in the air in three minutes. Where?”

“Blue Swallow Motel—domestic with injuries!”

Lord knows what they might find at the Blue Swallow Motel.

Season 10—Chapter 1—A Murder in Danger Bay—Episode 10:

Pulling into the parking lot at the Blue Swallow, Chris noticed Eagle Point Marshal Lieutenant Hiram Silverthorn Jr. waiting for them.

“Hiram, what have we got?” asked Chris

Hiram pointed to room number 9 and said “The man is drunk and has finally passed out after he beat his wife into a bloody pulp.  She really needs to get to the hospital.”

“Sarah is here now, and the husband?” Chris asked

“Handcuffed and ready for me to transport now that you are here.” Hiram said with a grin.

The paramedics had the wife on the gurney and in the ‘copter, ready to transport to the hospital.  Her condition was touch and go.  It looked as if she had many broken bones. 

Wyatt and Chris watched Hiram read the husband his rights and informed him he was being charged with attempted murder. “Depending on what happens with your wife’s condition this could be escalated to murder.”

Walking out to the car with the handcuffed man, with Wyatt and Chris right behind Hiram suddenly stopped dead in his tracks jerking the handcuffed man so forcefully he was almost knocked him off his feet. 

“Wyatt, Chris—LOOK!” Hiram exclaimed as he roughly—and literally tossed the suspect into the back of his pickup. 

He was pointing to a car that was parked two doors down from room number 9.

Chris and Wyatt looked to where he was pointing. 

There gleaming in the sun was a Silver Ford Fusion—all three walked over to the car as Sarah and Rescue One took-off.

Sheriffs and Rescue One at Blue Swallow Motel

…all three walked over to the car as Sarah and Rescue One took-off.

They looked at the license plate.

To be continued…


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5 Responses to The Blue Swallow

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Wow, there’s so much going on! That poor woman. And what’s so interesting about that license plate?? Hmmmm … !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Sadly things like this happen to women all the time..but the reverse can be true and a man can also be battered. It takes a real special kind of person 😦


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