Murder in Danger Bay Banner Previously: “Wyatt, Chris—LOOK!” Hiram exclaimed as he roughly—and literally tossed the suspect into the back of his pickup.

He was pointing to a car that was parked two doors down from room number 9.

Chris and Wyatt looked to where he was pointing.

There gleaming in the sun was a Silver Ford Fusion—all three walked over to the car as Sarah and Rescue One took-off.

They looked at the license plate.

Season 10—Chapter 1—A Murder in Danger Bay—Episode 11:

Wyatt reached in his pocket for the photograph Kauffy had given him and looked at the partial plate number.  Hiram saw the numbers and turned to walk towards the front office to find out what room number the person who owned this car was in.

Hans was looking out the drapes and when he saw Hiram walking towards the office he knew he did not have long before they would find him.  The feelings he had when he drove into Danger Bay came back over him looking at these people out there that he had met on a social level.

Them, and others too.  Big A and Millie had ordered him to get to know the town folks and mingle.  He had found he really enjoyed almost feeling normal and almost felt like he belonged.  Millie had taken that away by throwing him to the wolves.

Turning to the bathroom he saw the window was large enough for him to get through if he could get it open.

He heard Hiram yell out Room 6 and just went ahead and kicked the window out.

Wyatt and Chris heard the window break, Wyatt waived Hiram to go around back from the left and he and Chris hurried to the right.

Rounding the corner and into the alleyway they could see the perp running towards where Hiram would be momentarily.

“Stop and put your hands in the air,” Wyatt yelled, the man stopped and hesitated before turning slowly towards him.

Wyatt recognized him immediately, “Hans Schwarzkopf, no one notified us you had been released from Sandstone, so I assume they will be glad to find out where you are.”

Hans just stared at him for a moment as he turned to face Wyatt.

It was then that Wyatt noticed a gun strapped to his hip cowboy style.

Wyatt noticed a gun strapped to his hip

Wyatt noticed a gun strapped to his hip

To be continued…


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4 Responses to Cornered

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Awww Hans wanted to belong!


  2. Jack Boardman says:

    Cue “danger” background music! 😉


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    At least noticing a gun strapped to his hip is somewhat better than noticing it pointed right at him!

    Liked by 1 person

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