They found no horses

Return of the Adventure Train Banner Previously: As the train stopped, our heroes climbed aboard and they inspected the parlor car.

Inside it didn’t appear all that different—but Carl REALLY appreciated the higher ceiling—as only a six-foot, six-inch-tall person could appreciate.

It was Chris who first noticed another change—at both ends of the car there now was a door—a door which had not been in the old car.

She opened the door at the front…

“Hey look everyone!” She exclaimed, “There is an elevator behind this door!”

Season 10—Chapter 2—Return of the Adventure Train—Episode 4… In THIS case—the elevator DID go to the top floor—GENTLE READER—but we won’t show our heroes crammed-into the elevator.

“An all-in-one-car!” Sarah exclaimed, “What do you think is behind the rear door?”

They found the personal quarters

“An all-in-one-car!” Sarah exclaimed

“An elevator to the women’s quarters, perhaps?” Larry suggested, “As this area has just enough space for the male-members of our contingent of deputy US marshals.”

“Yep—and it would be larger quarters,” Wyatt cracked-wise, “Because there are five men—and only two of the gentler-gender among us. You gotta-know they require more room than we do, gentlemen.”

“Oh—HUSH Wyatt,” Chris retorted.

“That seems entirely fair to me,” Cooper grinned.

“A useful upgrade,” Larry observed (as a sometime RR engineer), “It will make the train lighter and faster—in spite of the taller parlor car.”

PepperCooper (“Poodle”), Daisy, Buttons, and Flutters easily found the “Gentlemen’s Quarters,”

“The horse-people are in the refurbished stable-car and report is it far-more opulent than the old car—they are quite happy.”

“Thanks, Poodle,” Sarah replied, “We’ll have to inspect that car as well—to see if the mares have nicer quarters than the stallions.”

“Windy is SO spoiled—or so Pal has claimed,” Boomer quipped.

“Pal is quite right.”

Our heroes continued to tour the NEW and much-improved “Adventure Train,” inspecting everything—with Boomer and Larry even checking-out “Ol’ Number 1,” the powerful pretend wood-burner (which—GENTLE READER—is hybrid-electric train with a heavily muffled bio-diesel motor keeping the batteries charged. They do burn a small amount of wood, the smoke from which mixes with the small volume of diesel-exhaust and thereby providing a plume pouring-out the stack.

Pollutants, GENTLE READER? Thoroughly filtered before entering the atmosphere. Of COURSE this can be done—this IS fantasy-fiction!  

The train was well on its way to Ft Justice by the time the marshals visited the stable—and to their great surprise—they found no horses there.

The train was well on its way to Ft Justice

To their great surprise—they found no horses there

To be continued…


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6 Responses to They found no horses

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    They’re in the mobile pasture car?

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh dear that is worrisome! I do not fancy walking! Hmmm yes Sarah a mobile pasture makes perfect sense!

    Liked by 1 person

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