Wichita! (Part I)

Return of the Adventure Train Banner Previously: The train moved at a slightly-faster pace than most 19th Century trains—and as you know—GENTLE READER—it was capable of very-much faster speed. I remind you of this because the engineer saw several riders arrayed on both sides of the track—train-robbers, as it were, and asked if he should increase speed to “faster-than-any-thoroughbred-racehorse-speed.”

The marshals, being marshals, told him not to speed-up, but to slow a little. When the train began to pass the mask-wearing riders, the windows on both sides of the Parlor Car were opened and scoped Farkleberry-Henry .44-40 rifles poked-out.

Season 10—Chapter 2—Return of the Adventure Train—Episode 8…The would-be train robbers quickly reined-in their horses—not wanting to engage such a heavily-armed train and the engineer increased the train’s speed to “faster-than-any-thoroughbred-racehorse-speed” for the next twenty miles.

The Adventure Train rarely needed to add wood or water—unlike most 19th Century locomotive, ol’ “01” was not reliant on a wood-fired boiler to create steam—but you know this GENTLE READER—that explanation was given in Episode 4—but they would stop to take-on wood and water periodically, and Wichita, Kansas was where they chose to stop.

Wichita, Kansas was where they chose to stop

Wichita, Kansas was where they chose to stop

Wyatt Earp, IV, thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the town where his ancestor once marshalled—and perhaps take a look at the surrounding ranches and farms.

Of course Chris seconded that idea, and when she did, the others smiled—aware of her feelings for Wyatt (and his for her).

The equine contingent were happy to be saddled and made ready for a field trip—even with their fancy personal quarters, they were more than a little ready to explore with their human friends.

The engineer brought the train to a stop and prepared to take-on water and wood. He and the fireman engaged in a little “shop talk” with the stationmaster and his roustabout helpers.

The marshals rode into Wichita.

The marshals rode into Wichita

The marshals rode into Wichita

They were a little surprised at the greeting Town Marshal D. Winthrop Hays gave Wyatt as they stopped at the marshal’s office.

“I’ll give you two minutes to turn around an’ git outa town, Earp,” he threatened, “An’ then I’ll start shootin’!”

To be continued…


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6 Responses to Wichita! (Part I)

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Well, sounds like he means business!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Wyatt will not take kindly to that remark!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    Now I wish I had two things I don’t—OPPOSABLE DIGITS & A FARKLEBERRY-HENRY 44-40! AR-ROOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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