Little Wolf James Silverthorn

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “Just the same, Colonel, I’m going to send orders to Fort Snelling to send a company to Grand Marais. You will take command of them there. The orders have already been sent.”

Deputy US Marshal Carl McIntyre and Colonel Cooper left their respective meetings almost simultaneously—and both were equally unhappy with their orders.

“To use a term from the 21st Century, Colonel—my orders suck!”

“As do mine, marshal, as do mine.”

Season Ten—Chapter 3—General’s Orders—Episode 2…

Deputy US Marshals Carl McIntyre, Larry, and Flutters departed for Laramie.

Colonel Cooper, Chris, Sarah, Boomer, Hiram Silverthorn, Jr., and Wyatt Earp, IV, returned to the Adventure Train.

The train went east to the Mississippi and then followed the river north along its west bank until it reached Hastings, Minnesota where it crossed to the east bank—roughly following the river north to Saint Paul.

It then followed, again roughly, the route which one day would be US Highway 61 until it veered off along the future Minnesota Highway 23—through Duluth and then followed the North Shore of Lake Superior until it arrived on the North Bluff overlooking the village of the Port of Danger Bay.

The remaining deputy US Marshals and Colonel Cooper continued by horseback to Silverthorn’s Trading Post—where we rejoin them inside.

“It is good to gaze upon you once again, Hiram,” Kuckunniwi (Little Wolf) James Silverthorn greeted his great-great-grandson, “Back with us from the 21st Century—for how long?”

Colonel Cooper met Little Wolf James Silverthorn

“It is good to gaze upon you once again, Hiram”

“As long as it takes, Grandfather—we have much to accomplish,” Hiram replied, “This is Colonel Phineas Cooper. He is here to establish a fort—to keep the Ojibwe in line.”

“Pleased to meet you, Colonel—how may the Eagle Point Tribe assist you—in keeping-us in line?”

To be continued…


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7 Responses to Little Wolf James Silverthorn

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Love that may we assist in keeping us in line lol

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  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    The DOG-PEOPLE seem to be relegated to the banner. WHY? AR-ROOOOOO!!!!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Loving all the detail in the clothing and faces!

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