“This is true?”

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “As long as it takes, Grandfather—we have much to accomplish,” Hiram replied, “This is Colonel Phineas Cooper. He is here to establish a fort—to keep the Ojibwe in line.”

“Pleased to meet you, Colonel—how may the Eagle Point Tribe assist you—in keeping-us in line?”

Season Ten—Chapter 3—General’s Orders—Episode 3…

It isn’t often that Col. Cooper finds himself at a loss for words—THIS was one of those times. It took him several seconds of silence before he could respond, “Thank you Little Wolf. Hiram suggested an existing stockade at a place called ‘Devil Track Lake,’ would this be an acceptable location to the Ojibwe people?”

“It might. How many long-knives?”

Colonel Cooper met Little Wolf James Silverthorn

“It might. How many long-knives?”

“No more than twenty.”

“That many?”


“Twenty would be fine,” Little Wolf smiled, “You understand sometimes Redskins employ humor?”

“I certainly do now,” Cooper laughed, “Then again, I spent some months cleaning up after the army in the Dakotas.”

“This I know, we are not great friends of the Dakotah, but there are those among them with whom I am friends. They have mentioned your name, Colonel, in a good way.”

“Very well—and thank you,” Cooper replied, “I will need to recruit soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers—suggestions?”

“Brave Hawk,” Little Wolf replied, “My brother—and War Chief of our people. But I think your War Department might not accept him.”

“The War Department will accept whoever I choose.”

“We shall see.”

“Oh Grandfather,” Hiram disagreed, “Colonel Cooper is a friend of President Grant and has First Nation officers and NCOs in his former command at Fort Justice in Nevada.”

“This is true?” Little Wolf was a little surprised, “Very well. I will send for him.”

To be continued…


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8 Responses to “This is true?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I am impressed that things might go so well and peace reigns in the land 🙂 I am not a violent person all the time! lol

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  2. Daisy Boardman says:


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  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Friends in high places!

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