Sar-Major Farkleberry

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “What?” Boomer asked, ‘though I have it on good authority he probably knew the answer.

“You’d look good in uniform, Jack,” Sarah Cooper her eyes a-twinkle confirmed what ol’ Boomer feared to be the truth—was in fact the truth.

“Wait, we’ve been sent here without being full-strength—we can’t afford another downsizing—CUJOOOOO!

Cujo’s answer came in a most curious way.

“Crap,” Boomer sighed, “Thanks old friend—your humor never disappoints.”

Season Ten—Chapter 3—General’s Orders—Episode 7…A deep, booming voice announced the arrival of Shaddock Farkleberry—dressed in the field uniform of a cavalry sergeant-major, “I hear-tell you bin lookin’ fer me!”

Sar-Major Farkleberry arrived at Silverthorn’s

“I hear-tell you bin lookin’ fer me!”

“Uncle Shad!” Little Wolf exclaimed, “How did you know?”

“Muh ears were a-tingling, they were,” he replied as he turned his gaze on Boomer, “Well, dagnabbit, you sure ‘nuff look like a tough ol’ first-sergeant, ‘First-Sergeant Boomer’ has a ring to it—it does!”

“Ummm—‘Boomer’ is half my nickname: ‘BoomerJack.’ My given name is Jack Boardman.”

“Not n’more—the name I’ll be tellin’ th’ recruits is ‘First-Sergeant Boomer,’ got it?”

“Yes, Sar-Major, I got it,” Boomer already liked this guy, and judging from the smile on the colonel’s face—he did too.

“Sergeant-Major Farkleberry!” Colonel Cooper knew he had to set the pecking-order, “Shouldn’t you be reporting to me—first?”

A brief smile flickered as he snapped to attention, “Sergeant-Major Shaddock Alonzo Farkleberry reportin’ fer duty—SIR!”

“At-ease, Sar-Major, you’re hired,” Cooper said without a smile—the pecking-order was set, “Let’s get down to business.”

To be continued…


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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4 Responses to Sar-Major Farkleberry

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    At our house, we call you BoomerJack. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Cool beans!! and that’s what you all will be eating!!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    As a retired Sergeant-Major I can tell you establishing the “pecking order” IS critical in the military. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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