Silverthorn’s Trading Post

Trading Post BannerPreviously: “I expect so, Dad,” Lt. Hiram Silverthorn replied, “I’d kinda like an actual weekend off in the 21st Century once in a while.”

“Not this weekend,” his father replied as most of them began to disappear—surprising Hiram only in that Susie and Larry didn’t leave, “Why are you still here?”

“I asked Cujo for a vacation in Canada, and she approved it, apparently.”

“Jimmy Hickok and I are headed out on an ‘Airstream vacation’ approved by the Beagamute months ago.”

Sandra just stood there in astonished silence.

Season Ten—Chapter Five—Outpost—Episode 2…“What just happened here?”

Kiwi Silverthorn smiled, “Your friends are, I expect, right here—only they are in the year 1874.”


The answer would have to wait as we return—GENTLE READER—to 1874 at Silverthorn’s Trading Post… “Where are Larry and Susie?”

And they reappeared at Silverthorne’s Trading Post

“I haven’t a clue, Chris,” Boomer replied

“I haven’t a clue, Chris,” Boomer replied, “CUJO!

There was no response from the Beagamute.

“We have no time to lose,” Lt. Colonel Phineas Cooper said, “And welcome back.”

“Flutters is here—he always sticks like glue to Larry”

“Flutters will now ‘stick like glue’ to Big Mac!” Flutters declared.

“We must leave here. I received word that the troops deployed from Fort Snelling have reached Duluth, and will be here in a fortnight,” Lt. Col. Cooper said, “I’ve asked the Silverthorns to misdirect them to Moosehead City—that should buy us enough time to set-up the old trading post as our outpost—but we must get started now, there is no time to lose.”

“Colonel,” Mac began, “I have orders to…”

“Not any longer, Mac,” Cooper interrupted, “I’ve called-in some favors and got your orders changed.”

“Why does this not surprise me?”

To be continued…


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8 Responses to Silverthorn’s Trading Post

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Not any longer, Mac,” Cooper interrupted, “I’ve called-in some favors and got your orders changed.”

    Oh! That’s just GREAT! 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Nothing is ever as expected … !


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    and it is not even Fri!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Daisy Boardman says:

    Bird-brain follows Big Mac?—I feel sorry for Mac! AR-ROOO!!! AR-ROOO!!! AR-ROOO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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