“You’re welcome.”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: EEK!Sandra exclaimed as our time-travelers solidified.

“Is it Sunday?”

“No Chris,” Hiram Silverthorn replied, “You faded-out and no more than a second or two later, you returned.”

“What does this mean?” Sarah asked.

“If I’m not mistaken,” Boomer offered, “Cujo is still engaged with that over large bobcat.”

“So—we could return soon to the 19th Century, or not return at all.”

“That would be my guess, Cooper,” Boomer sighed.

Season Ten—Chapter Six—WAANAKI`—Episode 1…No sooner than Boomer finished his reply—our collective heroes found themselves back in 19th Century Moosehead County. We rejoin our heroes as Lieutenant-Colonel Cooper & First-Sergeant Boomer visit 7 Tables where they find Fenton & Company.

They were relatively well-behaved—considering they were rather rough-hewn frontiersmen.

Lieutenant-Colonel Cooper & First-Sergeant Boomer visit 7 Tables where they find Fenton & Company.

Lieutenant-Colonel Cooper & First-Sergeant Boomer visit 7 Tables where they find Fenton & Company.

And considering they were considering taking-over the abandoned trading post as their own—by force, if necessary.

“Good Day, gentlemen. I’m Lt. Colonel Phineas Cooper, the commander of Outpost Waanaki` and this fellow standing next to me is First-Sergeant Boomer. We are looking for recruits to serve part-time as cavalry trooper at the outpost. Any of you interested?”

“Mebbe,” Fenton replied, “Jes where is that outpost?”

“Oh, my apologies,” Cooper replied, “Just across the road.”

“No, Cooper, that-there is our new tradin’ post,” Fenton disagreed as he began to bring his Henry Rifle to bear, followed closely by his fellows.

They had barely moved by the time 1st-Sgt Boomer had his Remington .44s drawn and aimed directly at Fenton, “You’ll be the first to die, Fenton!”

Fenton hesitated—and then gave-up when he heard the sound of two Sharp’s rifles being chambered behind them as the Miller boys entered the confrontation.

“Well, I reckon we’ll look somewheres else t’set-up our post.”

“Good idea, Fenton,” Cooper agreed, “There is an available plot a half-mile up-lake from our outpost. Go see Ira Rohrbacher just up the street, he owns the plot.”

“We can’t pay much.”

“Ira’s a businessman, he’d probably offer to partner with you for a portion of your profits. You won’t know unless you ask him.”

“I’ll do that, Colonel. And thanks fer not shootin’ First Sergeant.”

A very relieved 1st-Sgt Boomer replied, “You’re welcome.”

To be continued…


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10 Responses to “You’re welcome.”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Not shooting is usually the best choice.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I still don’t trust this Fenton person…but then that is my nature 🙂 and proud of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Almost at least you got to flex it a bit! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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