“Clearly, we would be amiss…”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Karma really didn’t want to answer the call from that ‘asinine pigeon’ as she thought of him, but since she could not help Cujo, she had little choice.

A very surprised Flutters found himself flying next to Karma.

The two of them swept down upon the humans and their non-sentient canines.

The humans and their non-sentient canines were never heard from again. Nor was there any evidence left behind.

Karma dropped their remains in the middle of Devil Track Lake and they soon became fish-food.

Heammawihio-Wakonda returned to await Cujo’s call.

Flutters returned to his friends with no memory of Karma’s assistance.

Season Ten—Chapter Six—WAANAKI`—Episode 5…While Mac and the deputies continue to make their way along Devil Track Lake to complete their assignment, we must return to Outpost Waanaki`, as the cavalry sent from Fort Snelling arrived…

Lt. Col. Phineas Cooper & First-Sergeant Boomer had completed the modifications to what was now officially named “Outpost Waanaki`,” and agreed a fine brown ale—and afterwards they’d take a tour of the area was in order. They were saddled-up and heading out the main gate, “Well, lookie-here First-Sergeant, we have company.”

Fort Snelling Cavalry arrived at Outpost Waanaki`

“Well, lookie-here First-Sergeant, we have company.”

“I see that, Colonel. Perhaps they’ll join us in a fine brown ale?”

“Clearly, we would be amiss in not inviting them.”

“Clearly,” Boomer agreed as they rode through the gates and towards Williams’ Station.

Both knew the invitation would be rejected, and the arriving troopers from Fort Snelling would be more inclined to take-over the outpost.

Cooper and Boomer rode up to the commanding officer of the troop, “Good day Captain…”

“Schultze, Rolf Schultze, Colonel,” the officer replied, “By order of Major-General…”

“You are ordered to place me under arrest and take command of Outpost Waanaki`.”

To be continued…


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15 Responses to “Clearly, we would be amiss…”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I see that, Colonel. Perhaps they’ll join us in a fine brown ale?”

    A little naïve . . . DONTCHA THINK? 😛

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