“I will not!”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Seeing native and Negro troopers mixed with white troopers stunned Schultze—and when he realized the troopers were commanded by a damned injun; he was apoplectic, his face flushed bright red.

Never in his life had he imagined such a thing. He’d built his career fighting the Dakotah. It had been a good career, b’God—Injuns shouldn’t be anywhere but on reservations, or hanged.

Sure, there were Negro soldiers during the War Between the States—but they were commanded by white officers!

Finally he couldn’t control his rage, “CHARGE THE BASTARDS!”

Cooper and Boomer were taken completely by surprise.

Season Ten—Chapter Six—WAANAKI`—Episode 7…

So too did it take Schultze’s troopers by surprise. They didn’t move.

Lieutenant Wulf Baumgartner, second in command, ordered the troop’s flags to be dipped a sign of the troop’s surrender.

Realizing he had been defeated, Captain Rolf Schulze offered his sabre to Lt. Colonel Cooper.

“No Captain, you don’t surrender to me,” he said, “Captain Silverthorn?”

Silverthorn rode up.

“May I introduce Captain Grey Wolf Silverthorn, Commander, Outpost Waanaki`, he will accept your surrender.”

“I will not!” Schultze exclaimed.

The arrest of Captain Schultze

“I will not!” Schultze exclaimed.

“First-Sergeant Boomer—arrest that officer,” Silverthorn ordered.

Boomer smiled, “You, Captain Schultze, are under arrest, lay down your weapons.”

Boomer emphasized the command by pointing his Henry Rifle at the captain’s heart.

Schultze reluctantly complied with the order, and after being stripped of his weapons, was escorted on foot to the outpost and secured in the guard-house.

“What of us, Captain Silverthorn, sir?” Lt. Baumgartner asked.

“You may leave, Lieutenant,” Grey Wolf replied, “You acquitted yourselves honorably.”

“You know, Captain,” Boomer grinned, “I’ll just bet these fellas could use a fine brown ale.”

“What I know, First-Sergeant,” Silverthorn laughed, “YOU could use an ale. Very well, Lieutenant Baumgartner, you and your men are welcome to remain here a couple of hours, if you wish.”

They wished.

To be continued…


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5 Responses to “I will not!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ah, of course they wished! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jack Boardman says:

    “What I know, First-Sergeant,” Silverthorn laughed, “YOU could use an ale…”

    Captain Silverthorn got that RIGHT! 😀


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