“…what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?”

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Schultze reluctantly complied with the order, and after being stripped of his weapons, was escorted on foot to the outpost and secured in the guard-house.

“What of us, Captain Silverthorn, sir?” Lt. Baumgartner asked.

“You may leave, Lieutenant,” Grey Wolf replied, “You acquitted yourselves honorably.”

“You know, Captain,” Boomer grinned, “I’ll just bet these fellas could use a fine brown ale.”

“What I know, First-Sergeant,” Silverthorn laughed, “YOU could use an ale. Very well, Lieutenant Baumgartner, you and your men are welcome to remain here a couple of hours, if you wish.”

They wished.

Season Ten—Chapter Six—WAANAKI`—Episode 8…

Some of the Fort Snelling troopers, veterans of 1862 Indian campaigns, were not all that happy to mingle with this polyglot mixed-race gathering and kept to themselves—and wisely quietly spoke their complaints so as not to be heard. At least the ale was good—and strong. They were anxious to return to Fort Snelling, where the majority agreed with their point-of-view.

The troopers were in Seven Tables

The troopers were in Seven Tables

What they didn’t know, yet, was by the time they returned, the fort would be decommissioned, and their military careers ended.

Lieutenant Wulf Baumgartner, First-Sergeant Dieter Hanft, and three privates of the Snelling Expedition along with Corporal Ozzie Washington, Sergeant-Major Shaddock Farkleberry, Captain Grey Wolf Silverthorn and First-Sergeant Boomer held court at the counter. All of the Snelling contingent expressed a desire to join the Outpost Waanaki` garrison.

Captain Grey Wolf was both surprised and delighted, “To do this, you’ll have to resign from the US Army.”

Baumgartner didn’t hesitate in his reply, “Our enlistments have already ended. I was informed of this by telegraph when we were in Grand Marais. Fort Snelling has been decommissioned, and although we’ll be paid for this assignment, our careers are over.”

“Those of us here are all single,” First-Sergeant Hanft added, “And have no reason to return south. I’m from Two Harbors, and the rest of us from Cook or St. Louis counties.”

Grey Wolf smiled and turned to Boomer, “You’re fired! I don’t need two first-sergeants.”

“Thank you Grey Wolf,” Boomer replied.

“Beggin’ your pardon, Captain, what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?” Baumgartner asked.

What does Waanaki` mean

“Beggin’ your pardon, Captain, what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?”

“It means Live in Peace.”

To be continued…


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6 Responses to “…what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Shinny Shoes!!!! and may we all live in peace 🙂

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  2. lhalvor says:

    Didn’t see that coming. I only count 2 tables.

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