Okay Tall Brave, let’s ride

WAANAKI` Banner Previously: Captain Grey Wolf was both surprised and delighted, “To do this, you’ll have to resign from the US Army.”

Baumgartner didn’t hesitate in his reply, “Our enlistments have already ended. I was informed of this by telegraph when we were in Grand Marais. Fort Snelling has been decommissioned, and although we’ll be paid for this assignment, our careers are over.”

“Those of us here are all single,” First-Sergeant Hanft added, “And have no reason to return south. I’m from Two Harbors, and the rest of us from Cook or St. Louis counties.”

Grey Wolf smiled and turned to Boomer, “You’re fired! I don’t need two first-sergeants.”

“Thank you Grey Wolf,” Boomer replied.

“Beggin’ your pardon, Captain, what does ‘Waanaki`’ mean?” Baumgartner asked.

“It means Live in Peace.”

Season Ten—Chapter Six—WAANAKI`—Episode 9…

“Okay Tall Brave, let’s ride!”

Okay Tall Brave, let’s ride!

“Okay Tall Brave, let’s ride!”

“It’s about time you called me by my proper name,” Pal—er—Tall Brave whinnied, “After all, if you recall, I picked you.”

“Yes you did. And not only that—when I showed an interest in buckskin-horses…”

“I changed my color from chestnut—you remembered that? I’m impressed.”

“Do you know where you obtained your ironic smart-assedness?”

“Between you and Daisy’s ‘ironic smart-assedness,’ it had to rub-off, a little.”


Of the sentient horses, the only one who’s faster, is Chris’ tiny “Star Dancer,” the smallest of the sentient horses—at least for the first quarter-mile. Possessing great acceleration, Star Dancer will leap out in front of Tall Brave—who must overcome inertia before achieving his full speed and by the end of a quarter-mile is overtaking the plucky little horse.

Every one of the sentient marshal’s horses can easily run a dumb-horse into the ground—the difference in their maximum gallop is really slight.

Soon Boomer and Tall Brave caught up with their friends—who were now approaching the camp where they believed the killers to be.

Soon Boomer and Tall Brave caught up

Soon Boomer and Tall Brave caught up

They would not get there—as they began to fade…

The Marshals began to fade

The Marshals began to fade

“I hope it is Sunday in the 21st Century!” Sarah Cooper exclaimed.

Thus ends Chapter Six—but our story? To be continued…


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12 Responses to Okay Tall Brave, let’s ride

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I can feel the wind on my face as my beautiful Star Dancer glides as almost flying.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    A horse story…Pal gettin’ a little uppity? His brother Thunderhoof gets that way sometimes; give him a bag of oats! HA! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    That What’s-his-name is a talented horse of another color! 😉


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