Family Ties BaannerPreviously: Of the sentient horses, the only one who’s faster is Chris’ tiny “Star Dancer,” the smallest of the sentient horses—at least for the first quarter-mile. Possessing great acceleration, Star Dancer will leap out in front of Tall Brave—who must overcome inertia before achieving his full speed and by the end of a quarter-mile is overtaking the plucky little horse.

Every one of the sentient marshal’s horses can easily run a dumb-horse into the ground—the difference in their maximum gallop is really slight.

Soon Boomer and Tall Brave caught up with their friends—who were now approaching the camp where they believed the killers to be.

They would not get there—as they began to fade…

“I hope it is Sunday in the 21st Century!” Sarah Cooper exclaimed.

Season Eleven—Adventure 1—Family Ties—Episode 1…

“It is,” Hiram Silverthorn replied as they materialized into Silverthorn’s Café, “All day.”

“What just happened here?” Ruby asked.

They materialized into Silverthorn’s Café

“What just happened here?”

“It’s SUNDAY,” Sarah Cooper exclaimed, “I have all kinds of projects…”

“We need to talk, Chris, I mean REALLY talk.”

“Yes Sandra, let’s do that.”

Ruby just looked baffled; she had heard tales of their adventures but had never before witnessed their departure or arrival.  She would have a story to tell the sisters!

Sarah went off to work on her projects of which she was very talented. The boys went off to do their thing.

Sandra hugged Ruby and thanked her for support. Ruby had heard about Sandra’s close call but did not mention she had been at the bar.  Nor, would she ever.

Chris and Sandra drove to Pawz so Chris could check in with Jimmie.

“How are you feeling?” Chris asked

Chris and Sandra drove to Pawz

“How are you feeling?”

“I am feeling pretty good, relief, and sadness too.  I need to do something and I hope you will approve me for a few days off.”

“Of course, how can I help?”

Sandra looked thoughtful and said, “I need to go back to the house of horrors for some closure and I would also like to see Mandy and give her a big hug. Could you go with me?”

To be continued…


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7 Responses to Closure

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Funny, yesterday was totally a project day for me … ! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “What just happened here?” Ruby asked.

    You don’t wanna know, it might just fry your brain. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again!

    Liked by 1 person

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