Mandy’s New World

Family Ties BannerPreviously: Mandy was quiet and finally fell asleep on Sandra’s lap. Sandra wondered what the little girl had been through in the months she had been in the home. While the people seemed kind, those places always lacked for money. Other children can be cruel in the circumstances they find themselves in and take it out on other children.

If they had not been able to find Mandy a foster home there must be a lack of people willing to take children. Sandra had also heard horror stories about some the homes that were willing to take the children.

She was just thankful she had Mandy with her now.

They pulled into Danger Bay quite late, so a little sleep and things will all be sorted out.

Season Eleven—Adventure 1—Family Ties—Episode 9…

Sandra was up early and planning. On the phone finding out what she needed to do.  School would start soon and she found out that she needed to know Mandy’s shot record and bring her over to the school and register. The home had given her a thick file and she found the shot records and her date of birth which at turning 12 in Sept. she would start the 7th grade.

Karen had assured her that she had the perfect two bedroom cabin for them.

Excited to introduce Mandy to the town, Sandra took her to Silverthorn’s Café for breakfast since she knew that’s where everyone would be. Mandy looked a little frightened but Sandra reassured her everyone would love her.

There they all were, her new family, the people who had taken her in and accepted her into their world and she just knew they would all accept Mandy also.

Sandra took her to Silverthorn’s Café

Sandra took her to Silverthorn’s Café

Boomer, Big Mac, Wyatt, Chris, Sarah and Jay, Ruby, and of course Hiram and Kiwi. 

Even Susie put in a rare appearance. They all hugged Mandy and welcomed her to Danger Bay.

Big Mac pulled Sandra aside and said he and Collie had a bed for the new 2 bedroom cabin. “I will run you out there to pick it up when you are ready.

Chris smiled “I know Collie will want to meet Mandy too.” 

Big Mac nodded, grinning.

Ruby yelled across the room, “I am taking her over to meet the sisters before you go!”

After breakfast Chris, Sandra and Mandy headed out to pick up the new bed.  Collie said, “What a beautiful young lady you are. I know you will be very happy here and we are happy to have you.” 

Not only did they get a bed but bedding, pillows and quilts.

On the way back to the cabin Chris stopped at Pawz. “Come on Mandy it is time for you to see where Sandra works as I know you will spend a lot of time here also.” 

Jimmie came out of the back with a yellow puppy in his arms. He smiled at Sandra with a grin she could not interpret.  “This pup needs a home is there anyone here who needs one?”

Mandy looked at Sandra and Chris. Chris said “I called Karen and she said it is fine, the cabin she has given you is around the corner and there is plenty of room for the pup and Mandy to play right in front of the cabin.”

“Can I Sandra?” Sandra just nodded her head up and down overwhelmed with the kindness that had been shown this day. “What will you name her?”

Mandy said, “Sunshine”

When they got to the cabins everyone was there, while they had been gone the gang had packed up Sandra and moved all her things to the new cabin.  They were now moving the new bed in the cabin to set it up. 

Sandra hugged Mandy and said “Welcome home”

“Welcome home”

“Welcome home”

Mandy looked around hugged her new puppy and said, “I wish all the foster children could know this joy.

Thus ends this Adventure—but our story? To be continued…


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10 Responses to Mandy’s New World

  1. Jack Boardman says:


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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Awww, Sunshine! Things are certainly looking brighter!

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Awwwwwww… and a brand-new character for our little village! 😀


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    Well no cliff hangers on this Fri…but I hope everyone got a smile out of it 🙂


  5. Sheila Foster "AKA Irene Blankinship" says:

    Oh I loved it girl!! Great job!!!!

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