Devil Track Trading Banner Previously: “Where ARE those guys?” Chris asked with fingers a-twitching as they held her heavy Farkleberry-Henry .44-40.

“They stopped about a hundred yards before the bend in the road,” Flutters reported, “They seem to be waiting.”

“For what?” Wyatt asked, “How many, Flutters?”


“Piece of cake,” Hiram cracked.

“No thanks,” Brave Hawk replied, “Better to battle on an empty stomach.”

Hiram appreciated his ancestor’s dry humor—but there was work to be done, so, “Flutters, please scout the trading post again. I’d like to know what they’ve done with Goodfellow.”

Season Eleven—Adventure 2—Devil Track Trading—Episode 5: Flutters flew past “those guys” on his way to scout the trading post—he didn’t pause to listen—but we will, GENTLE READER, so we can get a clue what’s on their minds. Just promise not to tell our heroes—OKAY?

“Do you think they’re waiting around the bend?”

Flutters flew past “those guys”

“Do you think they’re waiting around the bend?”

“I doubt it, them tracks is hours old,” Scruffy McLeod replied, “They be long-gone.”

“Boss says to catch ‘em an’ kill ‘em.”

“I know what the boss said, but in case yer too stupid to notice—they been riding full-out. They gotta rest them horses, else they’ll kill ‘em.”

“So you gonna jest wait here?”

“Yeah, Scruffy,” a third fellow chimed in, “There’s only three of them—are you afraid of three Injuns?”

The conversation degenerated into “mob-talk” of the sort that has been a staple in most western movies and Tee-Vee shows with snippets of discernible sentences: “We need t’catch them Injuns an lynch ‘em.”

“C’mon fellers—let’s ride!”

“We can’t let-‘em git t’Williams Station.”

Intermingled with the unintelligible sound of angry voices speaking at once.

ALRIGHT—ALRIGHT—ALRIGHT!” Scruffy shouted, “Git yer guns out—we’re gonna ride them into the ground—LET’S GO!

To be continued…


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