Things looked a little desperate for Mac and Boomer

Devil Track Trading Banner Previously: “But we’re WARHORSES!

“Honestly, you two,” Boomer chastised, “You have nothing to prove to us—but if you spoil a shot…”

“I’m just jerking your chain, human Boomer,” Thunderhoof replied.

“You mean to tell us you can’t shoot from a bucking-horse?” Tall Brave cracked, “Roy Rogers could.”

Some 100 yards ahead “those guys” rounded the bend—at the gallop. Boomer and Mac dropped the reigns and began firing—their mighty warhorses needed no goading and quickly charged the enemy.

Scruffy was the first to fall—followed by several others.

Our heroes on both the left and right flanks charged—their progress slowed by the trees—and I might add—the trees limited the accuracy of their rifles.

Just seconds later Mac, Boomer, Tall Brave and Thunderhoof were completely surrounded—the odds were ten to two—against.

Season Eleven—Adventure 2—Devil Track Trading—Episode 7: Just as things looked a little desperate for Mac and Boomer their friends arrived—with no trees to block their shots—they dropped three more outlaw-traders.

The two remaining did the only thing possible—they turned and ran. The marshals did not pursue—there would be plenty of time for that. Instead, they tended to the wounded outlaws, after ensuring Mac and Boomer weren’t hurt.

One of the five wounded outlaws was mortally-wounded—the others were treated and when able to ride, tied to their saddles.

Brave Hawk and his companions accepted the happy task of delivering the prisoners to Williams Station Marshal’s Office as sworn deputy US marshals.

“What now, Boss?” Chris asked as she carved two notches carefully on the stock of her Farkleberry-Henry .44-40 Rifle.

“We reload, rest, and then track those suckers down,” Mac’s rumble had an ominous tenor, “For as long as it takes. When we catch them, we should be able to get them to tell us where we will find Goodfellow.”

Mac’s rumble had an ominous tenor

“We reload, rest, and then track those suckers down.”

“So,” Chris cracked-wise, “We can’t simply shoot them?”

Mac, for the first time in a while, laughed long and hard.

“Y’know, people, these slow reloading weapons we carry make it difficult for us to overcome superior numbers,” Boomer was thinking about the battle now ended, “Thinking the matter over, we should have invited the Outpost cavalry along on this jaunt.”

“And yet, here we are,” Cooper grimaced, “About to overcome superior numbers—again.”

To be continued…


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I am grinning from ear to ear and oh so proud of myself.

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