“Let’s ride—at the gallop.”

Devil Track TradingPreviously: “We reload, rest, and then track those suckers down,” Mac’s rumble had an ominous tenor, “For as long as it takes. When we catch them, we should be able to get them to tell us where we will find Goodfellow.”

“So,” Chris cracked-wise, “We can’t simply shoot them?”

Mac, for the first time in a while, laughed long and hard.

“Y’know, people, these slow reloading weapons we carry make it difficult for us to overcome superior numbers,” Boomer was thinking about the battle now ended, “Thinking the matter over, we should have invited the Outpost cavalry along on this jaunt.”

“And yet, here we are,” Cooper grimaced, “About to overcome superior numbers—again.”

Season Eleven—Adventure 2—Devil Track Trading—Episode 8:

The marshals passed the abandoned Devil Track Trading post as they galloped in pursuit of the outlaw traders.

They slowed to a walk in front of the trading post as Flutters arrived—he had news!

“What’s up, Brain of Bird?” Daisy asked.

They slowed to a walk in front of the trading post

“What’s up, Brain of Bird?” Daisy asked.

“I see the Brown & White still has the gift of speech—MASTER! Please take care of this for me.”

“Okay,” Pepper arfed (laughing at his own joke).

“I have news. The remaining outlaws have hooked-up with Pierre LeFarge, and Goodfellow is indeed still alive.”

“Great news, Flutters!”

“There’s more, Mac,” Flutters continued, “Goodfellow has convinced LeFarge he has a large amount of money—but refuses to say where. For now, that seems to be keeping him alive.”

“That won’t last long—torture, anyone?” Chris had a point.

“Let’s ride—at the gallop.”

Meanwhile—some five miles up-lake… LeFarge and his men had set-up camp in a very defensible position—with Devil Track Lake anchoring his right flank—and granite wall running across the trail and extending a mile inland.

“It is time you tell me where is this money you spoke of, mon ami, no?” LeFarge had decided now—in this natural fortress—was the time to force Goodfellow to reveal his secrets, “Secure heem to the tree, mes-amis, c’est vous plait.”

“Hey boss! I’ve seen that hat-wearing pigeon before!”

Flutters had been told to skip the hat—he now understood why as one of the outlaws took aim with a biggass shotgun!

To be continued…


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4 Responses to “Let’s ride—at the gallop.”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Biggass shotgun, that’s a brand name, right?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I hope we are not going to see a Flutter of Feathers ! 🙂 Buttons is at the hospital right now awaiting word on her blood tests she is a sick puppy 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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