A Magical Place

Previously: All conversation stopped when Chris & Buttons, Sandy, and Mandy got out of the Model A—everybody was excited to meet young Mandy!

Mandy was a little overwhelmed by all the people welcoming her to Danger Bay—and totally astonished when…

“You are little,” Sunshine arfed.

She had NEVER heard a dog speak! Buttons had not spoken in front of the puppy, or Mandy, as it is just not done by sentient critters before they know if another critter was, indeed sentient, “Careful, young-one, you are in the presence of two Canine Knights-of-the-Realm in the service of Wolvenking Ringo!”

Mandy was completely and utterly astonished, “Th-they can talk?”

Season Eleven—Adventure 4—Cap—Episode 2: Flutters wanted to be included in the meet and greet and flew over to land on Mandy’s shoulder, “Yes they can speak and so can I and since you can hear us you are a special young lady. Master would tell you so too.”

“Ringo a Wolvenking? Danger Bay must really be a magical place and I will always have someone to talk to right, Sunshine?”

They met outside Silverthorn’s Café

They met outside Silverthorn’s Café

“Yes Mandy,” the little dog was so happy (and wagged her tail) to be heard and understood was a wonderful thing, “We will have such fun together.”

Sandra just stood there with her mouth open, “I had no idea and I can hear them too. This is amazing.”

“When can I meet this Ringo and Karma” Mandy asked.

“Daisy and I can take you and Sunshine to meet Ringo,” Buttons arfed, “But Karma only flies in sometimes.”

Sandra wanted to know who this Ringo was before Mandy went anywhere.

“Wolvenking Ringo lives in the woods and has a pack, and his proper name is Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio (King-Eldest Son-Wise One Above). They are also sentient and protect the woods and help us out sometimes,” Boomer said, “Mandy will be perfectly safe.”

“Can I please Sandra?”

“A Wolf?  I don’t know”

“She really will be fine,” Chris said “Ringo and the pack even come in for checkups from time to time.”

‘I am going too,” Flutters insisted, “Come on I will lead the way!”

Sandra finally nodded her OK and Daisy, Buttons, along with Mandy and Flutters prepared to head off towards the woods.

“I hope I am doing the right thing and she will be OK, are you sure this Wolf is safe and Mandy will not be harmed will she?”

“She will be fine.”

Boomer and Edith remained outside Silverthorn’s Café, well, actually by Farkleberry’s Star Service, as Lar completed the finishing touches to the Ranch Wagon—it was going to be used as a staff-car for the Historic Air Force Museum. They were catching-up on the happenings in and around Danger Bay.

They were interrupted by Hiram Silverthorn, “I just received a message from Cap as I was listening to long wave radio traffic. He’s dead-in-the-water, all systems on his boat have failed.”

“Where on the lake?” Boomer asked.

Boomer, Daisy Hiram and Edith outside Farkleberry’s

“Where on the lake?” Boomer asked.

“He doesn’t know.”

Boomer pulled-out his phone and messaged all members of the Historic Air Force and the Harbormaster, and sent this message, “All pilots report immediately! We have a search & rescue operation. Cob—scramble your boat crews and prepare to head-out. Cap Sazevich is dead-on-the-water somewhere on the lake—position unknown.”

Cob Pettigrew messaged back, “I’ll contact the Coast Guard. How do you expect to find him?”

“He reports he can’t see any shoreline—that gives us an idea where he might be within just a few hundred square miles. I have seven airplanes with 1000 mile plus range. We’ll begin searching within the hour.”

“I’ll send the boats out on the lake and send them in the direction of largest area of open water—perhaps the ‘copter can be loaded aboard one of our big boats, to get it in range. I’ll contact Captain Halloran.”

“Meet me at the airfield, Cob, I have a plane from which you can direct boats if we find Cap.”

“Roger that!”

“Daisy, Flutters, Chris!” Boomer exclaimed, “We have an EMERGENCY SITUATION!”

To be continued…


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12 Responses to A Magical Place

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I just love Flutters making friends with Mandy 🙂

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  2. lhalvor says:

    ReLaity is not all that it’s cracked up to be.


  3. lhalvor says:

    Reality either!

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  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Such a Mom already, worried about who she’s hanging out with. 😉

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