“Chris! I think I found Cap!”

Cap BannerPreviously: Ruby smiled, “ Me too Sandra, I stopped by to see Eleanor as she came in to cook today but am glad to see you.  How are things going with Mandy?”

“Oh what a joy it is to have her here and I look forward to the many adventures we can have together and the good life I know she can build here. She is on an adventure right now, in the thick of the rescue operation.  She is up in the air with Chris—what a thrill for her.”

“Oh—I can imagine!”

“Ruby—were you at the bar the night Zad was killed?”

Ruby suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

Season Eleven—Adventure 4—Cap—Episode 7: There was a long pause before she answered as if weighing how much to tell. “Yes I was there, a lot of my biker buddies were there. His mouth offended a lot of people, almost the whole bar follow him into the parking lot including myself. He was surrounded and tormented with words at first, it then escalated to shoving him back and forth between people and not in a gentle way. He did not shut up—just kept that foul ugly mouth going and the more he did the more violent it became.  I went back in the bar, I have witnessed these kind of situations before. I enjoy hanging with my friends but am not prone to violence unless cornered. I can honestly tell you I do not know who took his life.  I do not even know if the people involved could tell you who finally ended his tormented life.”

Collie & Sandra met Linda at Seven Tables

There was a long pause before she answered

“Thank you Ruby. I want you to know this could never come between the friendship we have started. There is to be no awkwardness, no feelings of regret.  I just thank the Lord I have a friend like you.” 

Sandra gave Ruby a big hug and both girls had tears in their eyes.

“Now let us go see what Eleanor has cooked up, I am starving and will have to go back to the tower soon.”

Meanwhile—over Lake Superior… “Chris! I think I found Cap!”

Meanwhile—over Lake Superior

“Chris! I think I found Cap!”

“Where away?”

“To the right—er—starboard a little,” Mandy replied.

“Turning starboard, tell me when to…”

“Now! I see the boat in front of us!”

“Ah—this is Lima 244 to all air and water search units; TALLY HO! We found Cap! I repeat we found Cap!” Chris exclaimed. She confirmed the coordinates with her on-board GPS and sent them to all searchers.

She flew low over Cap’s boat and as he waved, she waggled the wings of Philip Marlow in response.

Aboard the Jason Everett Martin, Captain Molly Halloran turned the boat and brought her to maximum speed while the Sikorsky immediately launched with Shaddock Farkleberry aboard.

The Sikorsky immediately launched

The Sikorsky immediately launched

“We’re gonna get that boat home!,” Farkleberry radioed Danger Bay Airfield Mission Command (Tower Operations), “With Cap in command.”

“Roger that,” Sandra replied, while Collie called Edith Sezavich with the news.

“This is Juliet 358—Hey Boss—How’s about we give Cap a fly-by?”

“Roger that, Boomer—we’re on our way!” Big Mac replied

Just as the Sikorsky approached the disabled MV Maryland & Virginia, the entire air search team made a rather impressive fly-by—almost close enough to see the wide grin on Cap’s face, “I knew it! I knew they’d find me!”

A rather impressive fly-by

“I knew it! I knew they’d find me!”

As they flew past the MV M&V, Larry noticed a major change in the Mustang Jay Cooper was flying, “JAY! What happened to your airplane?”

Jay looked over at Larry, “It changed mid-flight—y’all will have to wait until the next episode to find out how that happened.”

“Crap! Deferred gratification—AGAIN!”

After the fighters left for home, after Shaddock was lowered on to the deck of Cap’s boat, ­­the copter landed nearby.

Shaddock Farkleberry on board with Cap

Shaddock Farkleberry on board with Cap

To be continued…


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7 Responses to “Chris! I think I found Cap!”

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    “Crap! Deferred gratification—AGAIN!”

    Poor Larry! 😀


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    I can honestly tell you I do not know who took his life.

    So much for solving THAT MYSTERY! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Those are some mighty fine looking planes!

    Liked by 1 person

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