Gangsters BannerPreviously: “Party?”

“Yup, a ‘coming home’ party tomorrow morning for Cap at Silverthorn’s Café.”

“Any ideas about a permanent place?”

“How do you feel about boats?”

“I like boats, why?”

“You’re familiar with Canal Park in Duluth?”

“You know I am…”

“And Crabby Ol’ Bill’s?”

“Of course.”

“I know of a similar boat fixed-up as a houseboat. I’ll show it to you after breakfast.”

All the rest went directly home to grab some sleep—save Chris, Sandra & Mandy, who held a short celebration to honor Mandy’s great work as a spotter… the acknowledged hero of the search.

Adventure 5—Gangsters—Episode One—Juco… The year—1934 and although Prohibition had ended in 1933, they were small-time Prohibition-Era gangsters, still working the system, switching from booze to gambling—and they were about to get hit as they were enjoying their vacation on White Bear Lake. It seems they ran afoul of Ma Parker and her bunch—with Parker believing they were trying move on their operations—they weren’t.

Amhlaoibh (Pronounced Aleev & called “Mister McOsker”) McOsker, the “Boss,” Liam McOsker, his brother, and their “muscle:” twins Cahan & Carrick Brannock, and their younger twin brothers, Έnán & Ennis Brannock, were just about to call it a night when they heard the tell-tale crunching of tires on gravel outside their cabin.

Those cars are NOT theirs

They quickly pulled their guns and began to take cover

They quickly pulled their guns and began to take cover behind the cabin’s thick log walls.

They were too late.

Meanwhile—in 21st Century Moosehead City—Giordano Minicucci and his gang: Aldo DiJulio, Tomasso DeLuca, and Placido Mirante were busy working their operations.

Giordano Minicucci’s gang taking care of business

Giordano Minicucci’s gang taking care of business

They were in the business of providing security for small businesses in the Moosehead City area.

The “security” they offered was security from them—as several business-owners discovered from their hospital beds, with a couple from their graves.

It seemed there was a mysterious illness going around and the local doctors were mystified—even the formidable Doctor McLean of the Port of Danger Bay, who was in consultation with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Curiously, the illness seemed to only occur among small grocery and convenience store operators—a link which baffled both Dr. McLean and the CDC.

A link which didn’t exist.

Unrelated to all this—the Moosehead City Council decided to establish a town marshal’s office to relieve the Moosehead County Sheriff’s Department of the more mundane duties of law enforcement.

They hired three retired lawmen; Sergeant Peter Moss, Officers Oliver McLintock and Ralph Peterson—all decorated officers, and equipped them with a pair of “Smart Cars” courtesy of Schmelke BMW of Moosehead City.

Sgt Peter Moss, Officers Ralph Peterson and Oliver McLintock

One of these men will not survive this adventure.

One of these men will not survive this adventure.

Finally—at the closed Blue Swallow Motel… “Hello—my name is Juco—and I just saved your miserable lives.”

Hello—my name is Juco

Hello—my name is Juco

To be continued…


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6 Responses to Juco

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    You just introduced these cops; and you’re going to KILL ONE? :-/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    WOW, just as I’m thinking the smart cars are so cuuuuute, then you hit me with, “One of these men will not survive this adventure.” WHAT?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Oooooo love a new adventure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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