Hiram Silverthorn!

Gangster BannerPreviously: The Hupmobile was immediately chosen by Liam McOsker, who liked to drive himself around, The Rolls (of COURSE) was Boss McOsker’s—there was no question—other than who would be his driver, and the two Model A Fords went to the remaining gangsters.

Meanwhile—at Silverthorn’s Café…

Hiram Silverthorn fell to the floor—silently, without warning…

Adventure 5—Gangsters—Juco—Episode 4…

Chris rushed to the fallen Hiram and immediately called for emergency response while she checked his vitals—he was alive—barely, “Send the rescue ‘copter to Silverthorn’s Café—NOW!”

With that in motion, Chris also called Doc McLean and asked him to meet her at the airfield and the called AJ Boardman, “Andrew, I need Philip Marlowe prepared immediately for flight—Hiram’s life is a stake. Prepare a flight plan directly to Rochester, Minnesota and alert the Mayo Clinic!”

AJ ordered Marlow prepared: he had all nose seating removed—which provided barely enough room to accommodate Hiram and the life-support equipment. Doc McLean would ride behind Chris in the cockpit.

A remarkably short time later—Philip Marlowe screamed into the air for a maximum speed run to “RST” Rochester International Airport, where an air ambulance would be waiting to transport Hiram to the Mayo Clinic.

Philip Marlowe screamed into the air

Philip Marlowe screamed into the air

Meanwhile—in Forest County…

Liam McOsker immediately took his Hupmobile Aero-Dynamic out for a drive—alone. He liked being away from his older brother, and his minions. Sure, he enjoyed working outside the law—and its opportunities—but he simply wasn’t into the strong-arm tactics employed by his brother.

He followed the road signs into Forest City and saw the casino.

“This looks…interesting. I wonder how much gambling has advanced in this 21st Century,” he mused out loud as he parked his car.  

Liam McOsker went into the casino—there were few inside playing the slots, he thought, “It must be the time of day, this place is not as busy as I would expect.”

Liam McOsker went into the casino

Liam McOsker went into the casino

“Welcome to our casino! I’m the owner of this establishment, Giordano Minicucci,” a black man with a moll clinging to him, boomed, “Those are some exquisite retro duds you’re wearing, wherever did you find them?”

“1930s” Liam deadpanned.

“Oh? Where is that?”


It was then McOsker noticed a one-eyed man giving him “the eye” and he correctly decided “FBI.” It amused him a little that Mr. Minicucci had NOT noticed this fellow. He excused himself and walked around the casino. Juco had supplied them with 2014 currency, so he played—and didn’t win a dime—the slots.

After about a half hour McOsker walked out to his car closely followed by the one-eyed man.

He turned to the man, “May I help you, FBI Special Agent?”

FBI Special Agent William Black Cloud couldn’t help but drop his jaw in astonishment.

To be continued…


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6 Responses to Hiram Silverthorn!

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    These pictures just get better and better!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Good thing those planes are so versatile (and FAST), too!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Philip Marlowe screamed into the air for a maximum speed run to “RST” Rochester International Airport…

    I can just hear the matched-set of Allison engine superchargers “SCREAMING! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jack Boardman says:

    And so…this line…

    …a one-eyed man giving him “the eye”…

    What else COULD a one-eyed man do?


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