Giordano Minicucci makes his move

Casino BannerPreviously: “Yes,” replied Gypsy with disdain in her voice, “That would be the man who used his bodily fluids to contribute to my birth, but as far as his being DADDY in any sort of loving nurturing way that he was not. I met Mary once just before they shipped me off to the foster system. She did not want me around. I was surprised DADDY allowed it since he saw me as his plaything.”

Bambi laughed out loud, but Gypsy saw a flash of pain in her eyes, “Yes he wanted me to be his plaything also, I tried to tell mother about the touching and his coming in my room and staring at me while he thought I was asleep like he was just waiting for me to be ripe.”

“What did she say?”

“Hey you two—quit your jaw-flapping, and listen-up!” Boss McOsker tolerated no inattention, “We have a lot to do if we’re gonna get a piece of the action around here!’

Adventure Six—CASINO—Episode Four… Boss McOsker gave out several more assignments and unlocked the armory where the Thompsons and ammunition were stored.

Bambi & Gypsy quietly went outside, “You were saying, Bambi?”

Bambi & Gypsy quietly went outside

Bambi & Gypsy quietly went outside

“She slapped me and told me to shut my filthy mouth. She could not deny it anymore when one day she came home early and found my clothes ripped off and his hands all over me. She packed us up and she divorced him—but she blamed me and made my life as miserable as she could. I left when I was 16 and have never looked back. I do not know if either of them are alive but I have no need to find out or see them.”

“Sounds like we have a lot to talk about when we have time to sit down, maybe we can go to lunch when the guys are out. I sense there is going to be something big coming soon, so now is not a good time.”

Bambi nodded her agreement.

Meanwhile—at the Casino… Giordano Minicucci had his spies, and heard that these Irishmen were out recruiting help—he HAD to put a stop to this!

Giordano Minicucci met with his boys ©Jack Boardman

Giordano Minicucci met with his boys ©Jack Boardman

“You two,” Minicucci was looking at Aldo DeJulio and Tomasso DeLuca, “Go to Danger Bay Airfield and book a flight to Duluth—once you’re there go visit your dive bars where all the angry loners hang out—you know laid-off longshoremen and the like—guys who fight at just a wrong look. Offer them work—work which could involve killing. And you, Mirante—go around to some of the local bars and see if the Irish are recruiting—and if they are—take-em out!”

“Okay, boss.”

“Oh—before I forget; get yourselves cleaned-up. Get some decent clothes—alright? You gotta quit looking like thugs—if you want to be promoted to underbosses.”

Meanwhile—Out on Superior… Boomer, Linda, and Daisy were taking the “Skeedaddle” out for her first shakedown cruise and were testing her autopilot with Daisy at the controls when Daisy noticed a big lake boat bearing down on them, “Lake boat approaching—FAST off our starboard bow!”

Skeedaddle rose up out of the water

“Siddown Linda!” Boomer smiled

“Siddown Linda!” Boomer smiled, “Let’s show you what Skeedaddle can do—ALL AHEAD FULL, DAISY!

Skeedaddle rose up out of the water and quickly reached her maximum speed of 65 miles per hour—her big bio-diesel engine sending power to her four propellers at the bottom of her hydrofoils—and taking her out of harm’s way.

“You didn’t tell me about this little feature,” Linda said, “Why?”

“And ruin the surprise?”

“It’s my boat—and I want to play with it!”

“Go for it!”

After explaining the controls, Daisy relinquished the pilot’s chair, “The boat is yours, Captain!”

Do I need to tell you, GENTLE READER, the hours of fun Captain Linda had?

To be continued…


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11 Responses to Giordano Minicucci makes his move

  1. lhalvor says:

    Wonderful surprise!!!.

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  2. lhalvor says:

    The boat looks different?

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  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    “Skeedaddle” — what an awesome name! 😀

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  4. Chris Shouse says:

    How fun! Would that not be awesome to really have one of those? 🙂

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