She was skeptical

Casino BannerPreviously: “Siddown Linda!” Boomer smiled, “Let’s show you what Skeedaddle can do—ALL AHEAD FULL, DAISY!

Skeedaddle rose up out of the water and quickly reached her maximum speed of 65 miles per hour—her big bio-diesel engine sending power to her four propellers at the bottom of her hydrofoils—and taking her out of harm’s way.

“You didn’t tell me about this little feature,” Linda said, “Why?”

“And ruin the surprise?”

Skeedaddle rose up out of the water

“It’s my boat—and I want to play with it!”

“It’s my boat—and I want to play with it!”

“Go for it!”

After explaining the controls, Daisy relinquished the pilot’s chair, “The boat is yours, Captain!”

Do I need to tell you, GENTLE READER, the hours of fun Captain Linda had?

Adventure Six—CASINO—Episode FIVE… We’ll let Linda, Boomer and Daisy have fun playing with Skeedaddle—whilst we advance the main story-line—GENTLE READER—and rejoin Liam McOsker, undercover Chris, G-Man Black Cloud as they arrive at Boss McOsker’s hideout…

Boss McOsker’s men had fanned-out as ordered, and he retired to his upstairs office while Bambi and Gypsy remained outside the cabin.

They were still there when Liam and company arrived.

They were still there when Liam and company arrived.

They were still there when Liam and company arrived.

Liam was struck by Gypsy’s very red hair, bright blue eyes and stunning features—and although a tough, brave (working with that g-man required a lot of courage), and in his own way, ruthless gangster—he was quite shy around women.

He was incapable of the bravado some men used to “get” women—he would much rather get to know the woman as a person first—and see where that leads.

In the macho-world of gangsters, where most of the female hangers-on EXPECTED males to come-on-strong, his approach always failed. ALWAYS!

It took Gypsy a while to realize this—she was, her entire life—always repulsed by the typical male come-ons.

She was skeptical of this Liam’s polite greeting—failing to give her the expected slow, smiling, head to toe and back visual appraisal—thinking it could be an act—still…

Liam growing up had watched his father treat his sainted mother with total disrespect.  She was a mild mannered class act and Liam had enjoyed every moment her had spent with her.  His brother was the twin of his father a loud brutal man.  They both had no respect for women and treated their animals better than their women.   

Liam had never had strong feelings for a women before …..until now.

Meanwhile—at Bennett’s Bar on Lake Superior… The gang war began when Placido Mirante and his henchman, Amos Lonetree noticed an old car in the parking-lot—and walked inside.

At Bennett’s Bar on Lake Superior

At Bennett’s Bar on Lake Superior

Ennis Brannock had found a couple of angry loners, and was busy selling them on the idea of easy-money doing things they now did for free.

Tom Kasinski and Ed Clark were chronically unemployed—and quite frankly, GENTLE READER—were unemployable, and totally without any chance of legal employment—such was their makeup.

Sadly, perhaps, they, along with Brannock, would not survive this particular visit to Bennett’s Bar.

To be continued…


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8 Responses to She was skeptical

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    And so it begins… I’ll remember not to stop at Bennett’s. A fella could get kilt there! :-/

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Boss peeking out the window!

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    This story is getting exciting!

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