The survivalists arrived

Casino BannerPreviously: Surprised at the answer she found she looked into Liam’s eyes and said with a certainty she did not know existed, “Yes Liam I will trust you know matter what happens and I will not question what you have to do.” 

Liam did not realize he had been holding his breath until he heard those words and the relief washed over him.

Adventure Six—CASINO—Episode Nine…Gypsy and Liam remained at Silverthorn’s talking—just talking for the next many hours.

Meanwhile—Just off the road in the forests of Forest County… As expected—the survivalists  arrived well ahead of the scheduled meet-up. They walked quickly through the jack pines—two raised their M16s—and two died in a hail of fire.

The remaining four dropped their weapons and surrendered.

The remaining four dropped their weapons and surrendered.

The remaining four dropped their weapons and surrendered.

“A wise move, gentlemen,” Col. Boomer’s grin was humorless, “Why did they do that?”

“Jay and Clyde didn’t much like colored people. Name’s Hanna, Charlie Hanna, and these fellas are Harold Johnson, Jonny Miller and Howie Hanssen. We didn’t much like their racist attitude.”

“What do you ‘honkies’ care about?” Merle ominously rumbled.

The remaining four surrendered

“What do you ‘honkies’ care about?” Merle ominously rumbled

“Survival, sir, survival. The way things is goin’ we ‘spect this country in a mess o’trouble,” Hanssen replied.

“Doya think armed resistance will actually work?” Col. Boomer asked, “Are any of you combat veterans?”

“No sir, but we’ve been studying military tactics.”

“Captain Smith and I each served more than twenty years in the army and saw combat in Vietnam, and Desert Storm,” McIntyre replied, “Colonel Boomer served during the Vietnam era, and both Boomer and Yatters have long law enforcement combat experience. You fellas were completely overmatched and stood no chance at all.”

“You guys are cops?”

“Not any more. We’re into making money, legally—or otherwise,” Boomer replied, “Interested?”

Thus concludes Adventure Six—But our story? To be continued…


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15 Responses to The survivalists arrived

  1. lhalvor says:


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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Dark days in the ‘Bay.

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Gotta LOVE it 🙂 At least we have recruits out there!

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  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    I have a TWIN? 😛

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  5. OK see the bullet holes. So why are they still standing?

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