Gang wars begin!

Gang Wars BannerPreviously: “Doya think armed resistance will actually work?” Col. Boomer asked, “Are any of you combat veterans?”

“No sir, but we’ve been studying military tactics.”

“Captain Smith and I each served more than twenty years in the army and saw combat in Vietnam, and Desert Storm,” McIntyre replied, “Colonel Boomer served during the Vietnam era, and both Boomer and Yatters have long law enforcement combat experience. You fellas were completely overmatched and stood no chance at all.”

“You guys are cops?”

“Not any more. We’re into making money, legally—or otherwise,” Boomer replied, “Interested?”

Adventure Seven—Gang Wars!—Episode One… “That depends,” Harold Johnson—speaking for all of the survivalists (Charlie Hanna, Jonny Miller & Howie Hanssen) replied, “What does this require?”

A meeting in the forest

“What does this require?”

“It will require some wet-work as we gain the trust of Boss Giordano Minicucci and his bunch,” Col. Boomer explained, “Taking-out some of his henchmen (if we have to), and convincing others to our way of thinking.”

“But for now,” Lt. Col. Yatters continued, “You will train with Maj. McIntyre and Capt. Smith. When they’re done with you—IF you survive—you’ll be the experts you thought you were.”

“Think it over,” Capt. Smith advised, “Oh—and before I forget—have any of you been convicted of a felony? We will check.”

They all claimed they hadn’t.

“Very-well, follow me—and take all your trucks.”

Colonels Boomer and Yatters loaded the dead survivalists into the back of Boomer’s truck—we simply don’t leave bodies in the forest—GENTLE READER—that just ain’t right!

Meanwhile—At the Mall… The “Mall-Rat” (William P. Frankfurter) escorted Collie to his office while at the same time Sarah found Mac & Jay, “Acme’s Security has arrested Collie!”

“Say WHAT?” Carl responded, “C’mon Jay, let’s go!”

“Um fellas? Let me do the talking—and back me up—it’s a girl-thing.”

Inside the shopping mall

“Um fellas? Let me do the talking—and back me up—it’s a girl-thing.”

Carl and Jay grinned and said in unison, “Yes’m.”

Oh boy! The Mall Rat is in more trouble than he could possibly imagine!

At roughly the same time—Out on Lake Superior… We find Lar Farkleberry and Linda aboard the Skeedaddle, “Wal Linda, she performs perfectly—where’s th’ problem?”

“She isn’t armed.”

“That-there is a problem? Why?”

“The title of this ‘Adventure’ is ‘Gang Wars,’ right?”

Lar Farkleberry and Linda aboard the Skeedaddle

“That-there is a problem? Why?”

“’Nuff said! With what?”

“Remember the 80s series “Airwolf?’”

“I reckon I do—I kin do that—but yuh’ll need a weapons operator.”

“Anyone in mind?”

“Muh older brother Captain Maddock ‘One-Eye’ Farkleberry.”

“Do it!”

To be continued…


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6 Responses to Gang wars begin!

  1. lhalvor says:

    Uh oh. Are episodes of Airwolf on Netflix?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I feel like we’ve been given a homework assignment to watch Airwolf! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I feel and see Great Drama coming can you feel the crackle of tension in the air as it builds?

    Liked by 1 person

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