Gang Wars BannerPreviously: We find Lar Farkleberry and Linda aboard the Skeedaddle, “Wal Linda, she performs perfectly—where’s th’ problem?”

“She isn’t armed.”

“That-there is a problem? Why?”

“The title of this ‘Adventure’ is ‘Gang Wars,’ right?”

“’Nuff said! With what?”

“Remember the 80s series “Airwolf?’”

“I reckon I do—I kin do that—but yuh’ll need a weapons operator.”

“Anyone in mind?”

“Muh older brother Captain Maddock ‘One-Eye’ Farkleberry.”

“Do it!”

Adventure Seven—Gang Wars!—Episode Two… The Farkleberry brothers spent several hours installing a 20 millimeter (retractable gun) turret on the pilothouse of Skeedaddle, and wisely, I suspect, banning Linda from helping.

After the turret and remote controller were successfully installed, Medlar left after inviting Linda to join Maddock “One-Eye” on Skeedaddle for a test run out on Lake Superior.

The addition of the turret didn’t seem to affect the speed of the boat as they headed to a relatively traffic-free spot.

Linda & Maddock prepare to test cannon

Maddock explained the computerized gun-control computer

Maddock explained the computerized gun-control computer which:

Deploys and retracts the 40mm auto-cannon. Aims and fires the cannon, up to 8 rounds before reloading. Reloading is controlled by the computer.

They dropped a target buoy into the water and moved-off to a position 500 meters away.

“The gun is auto-stabilized so once we lock-on to a target—the gun will follow it. However, if wave action or relative position requires a shot to hit any part of the boat—it will interrupt firing until clear,” Maddock explained, “It will also aim indirect, arching the trajectory of the round to the target.”

“Are we ready to engage the enemy buoy?” Linda asked.

“We are, Cap’n.”


Linda & Maddock test cannon


Just like that—a single round took-out the poor, overmatched, buoy!

Meanwhile—in the tiny Acme’s “Security Office”… “Okay lady, open that bag,” William P. Frankfurter demanded.

“No, you have no probable-cause,” Collie replied, adding sarcastically, “Sonny.”

“You looked suspicious—that’s all I need.”

Sarah Cooper—closely-followed by Jay and Mac—bullied her way past a startled Acme clerk’s “May I help you?” question.

“I’m a US Marshal, where’s your security-guard?” Sarah asked flashing her 1870s US Marshal’s badge (very quickly).

“J-j-just through that door—all the way to the back,” she stammered.

“You two stay here,” Sarah said, “If I need you I’ll let you know.”

“You two stay here,” Sarah said

“You two stay here,” Sarah said

“She won’t need us,” Jay whispered to Mac. Mac grinned—widely.

To be continued…


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8 Responses to Skeedaddle

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I would love to have a water craft like that! How fun 🙂

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  2. Lhalvorwj says:

    Don’t you think I need Claymore mines and a bazooka?

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  3. Lhalvorwj says:

    I just had a glass of wine. Can you tell?


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