Gang wars bannerPreviously: Colonels Boomer and Yatters dropped-off the bodies with the Moosehead County Coroner and left instructions for a proper burial.

With that accomplished, they drove to the Forest City Casino to have a chat with Giordano Minicucci—about how beneficial he’d find their help.

Adventure Seven—Gang Wars!—Episode Four… Boomer and Yatters found Giordano Minicucci standing with his current moll in front of the bar. The casino did not appear busy—considering the only people inside were clustered at the bar, “Business down?”

Boomer and Yatters met with Minicuccci ©Jack Boardman

Boomer and Yatters met with Minicuccci 

“Time of day,” Minincucci replied, “Plenty of room at the slots, gentlemen, and the first round of drinks are on the house.”

“We’re not here to gamble,” Yatters smiled, “We’re here to save your miserable life.”

“And business,” Boomer added, “As a matter of fact I’m pretty-sure you are about to lose a couple of your operatives.”

Meanwhile—Chris Shouse and Black Cloud pulled up at O’Donnell’s Bar…

“Are you ready, Black Cloud?”

“You know I’m not all that fond of killing…”

“They’d kill you without hesitation.”

“We’ll wait until they make their move,” Black Cloud insisted, “We’re the good guys—we don’t shoot first.”

We’ll wait until they make their move

“We’re the good guys—we don’t shoot first.”


As they walked towards the entry, Black Cloud sensed movement inside, “Chris!”

Both turned towards the window bringing their weapons up to bear on the two armed men—who were raising their shotguns.

They didn’t stand a chance.

The window shattered

The window shattered

The window shattered.


Wellll—GENTLE READER—Scary stuff, HUH! What do you reckon happened?

Who—if anyone—was KILLED?

Who—if anyone—was WOUNDED?

Were any innocent bystanders—KILLED?

Were any innocent bystanders—WOUNDED?

For answers to these questions—please stand-by…

While we watch a couple of annoying messages from our sponsors!

Visit Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota!

Visit Canal Park

Visit Canal Park

Eat Fish ~ Drink Beer For a LONG & HAPPY Life (Perhaps not long—but  HAPPY)!


Eat Fish Drink Beer

Eat Fish Drink Beer

When the shooting stopped, Chris and Black Cloud looked through the window and discovered both the shooters lying on the floor—there was little doubt whether or not they were alive.

Black Cloud sighed, “I wish we could have taken them alive.”

They went into O’Donnell’s, fearing collateral damage—instead, they found willing recruits for McOsker’s gang.

To be continued… 


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6 Responses to DUN—DUN—DUNNNNNNN!!!!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    😀 !!! Omg, you did a cliffhanger within the post!

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Oh… Now this is FUNNY! 😀

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    That one really was a lot of work……

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