Gang wars BannerPreviously: Sarah Cooper—closely-followed by Jay and Mac—bullied her way past a startled Acme clerk’s “May I help you?” question.

“I’m a US Marshal, where’s your security-guard?” Sarah asked flashing her 1870s US Marshal’s badge (very quickly).

“J-j-just through that door—all the way to the back,” she stammered.

“You two stay here,” Sarah said, “If I need you I’ll let you know.”

“She won’t need us,” Jay whispered to Mac. Mac grinned—widely.

Adventure Seven—Gang Wars!—Episode Three… Sarah stormed into the Acme Security office, “I have two questions for you, Why—considering this woman was walking with me—with both of us carrying nearly identical leather bags—did you stop and challenge her and not me? And second—why is there not a female employee here while you questioned Mrs. McIntyre?”

Sarah stormed into the Acme Security office

Sarah stormed into the Acme Security office

Frankfurter gave Sarah the ‘What-the-hell-are-you-doing-coming-in-here?-look” but said nothing. He was used to doing things his way without question.

“I can see only one major difference between Mrs. McIntyre and me—why don’t you tell me that difference?”

“She was acting suspiciously, you weren’t.”

“Really?” Sarah replied, “And WHY didn’t you have a female employee in here during questioning—as required by Minnesota Statutes?”

“Just who do you think you are, little lady?”

“I am a Deputy United States Marshal, and also the only person between you and her husband, MISTER McIntyre—that large man standing just outside your door. Shall I open that door?”

Frankfurter looked at Carl’s face through the window, and turned almost white. He was an imposing figure especially when angry and boy, did he look angry!

Frankfurter’s cockiness was returning a little bit. “No you will not open that door Missy or I will call the police in to straighten this out.” 

That was short-lived as Sarah laughed out loud, “Just who do you think the police will be arresting, a US Marshal, or a PROFILER? A brutish man who does not even know his job. A man who will pick on anyone just to justify his self-importance. Of which if we were honest with ourselves there is no self-worth here. I can about bet you were a bully all of your life. Now let us call the police and get this straightened out.”

Frankfurter felt as if he were going to be ill. How did she know of his lonely childhood and his need to feel something? The only way he ever felt good is when he was dominating someone, “I guess there is no need to do that. We will forget this ever happened. You are free to go; this was just a misunderstanding.”

“Yes, we ARE free to go and you will turn over that paperwork you started to me NOW.” 

Frankfurter handed it over. Sarah ripped it to tiny bits and threw it in the trash, “Come on Collie let’s get out of here I cannot stand to look at this man one more second.”

Frankfurter watched them leave feeling humiliated; a feeling he was not used to feeling. 

Maybe it was time for him to retire.

Carl hugged Collie and Jay hugged Sarah. 

Sarah said, “Come on, I still have some shopping to do.” 

Everyone was laughing as they headed out of the offices and back into the Mall.

Meanwhile—in Moosehead City… Colonels Boomer and Yatters dropped-off the bodies with the Moosehead County Coroner and left instructions for a proper burial.

With that accomplished, they drove to the Forest City Casino to have a chat with Giordano Minicucci—about how beneficial he’d find their help.

Colonels Boomer and Yatters arrived at the Casino

Colonels Boomer and Yatters arrived at the Casino

To be continued…


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6 Responses to Profiling?

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    “I still have some shopping to do.” 😀 Oh, that made me laugh!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I can picture him sitting there thinking about Roberta Flacks song

    There she was this young girl a stranger to my eyes!
    Telling my whole life with her words
    Killing me softly with her words 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Do NOT let me into that ROOM! :-/


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