Minicucci and Apoloni

Forest County BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—In Stanleyville, Forest County… It was over in seconds—the gangsters failed to get off a single (accurate) shot—three died, six wounded, and the rest surrendered.

The FBI, Minnesota State Patrol, and paramedics were called-in and took over the scene. The FBI identified Boomer, Yatters, and company as undercover operatives under their supervision, and they were allowed to leave the scene after being interviewed.

“You skated this time, Boomer,” FBI Special Agent Dom Slater growled, “I don’t like you, and I’m going to make it my business to take you and Yatters down.”

“Nice talkin’ to you Slater—How’s the wife and kids?”

Slater stormed away, “Good job, Boomer—now he’s really pissed.”

“Yeah—just like his great-great-grandfather, Almonzo Slater, a Pinkerton-man I ran into in 1873.”

Adventure Eight—Forest County—Episode One… “Hey Yatters—check the gas prices here! $1.69 a gallon—I’m stopping! Ol’ ‘Strider’ doesn’t get the mileage Shadowfax does.”

“You’re the one who wanted the power of a Ford-Cosworth 4-cam V-8 AND all-wheel-drive.”

Special Agent Slater slowed as he drove

“You’re the one who wanted the power of a Ford-Cosworth 4-cam V-8 AND all-wheel-drive.”

“Yeah—Lar warned me it would only get 30 mpg as opposed to Shadow’s 40,” Boomer rejoined, “It amazes me what he can do with efficiency AND power.”

“Well, willya look at that—FBI Special-Agent Slater’s doing an extra-slow drive-by.”

“Smile and wave.”

“Hey—he waved back! But—with only one finger!”

Meanwhile—In Silverthorn’s Café…

“Do you really think the Council of Elders will approve, Hiram?”

Hiram announced his new business plan

“Do you really think the Council of Elders will approve, Hiram?”

“They already have, m’dear,” Hiram’s smile was wicked, “We are annexing the Forest County branch of our band—there’s but one member left—and the casino appears to be available. Ownership of the building will be easy to obtain—nobody is paying the land-rental. The building will be forfeited to the band in 30 days.”

“Who will you hire to run the Casino?” Hy, Jr. asked, “Anyone in Forest County with experience is likely corrupted.”

“Therein lies the rub, Hy,” Hiram conceded, “Therein lies the rub.”

“Perhaps it’s time for Moosehead County to annex Forest County,” Sam Silverthorn, a member of the Moosehead County Board, suggested, “After all, it was part of our reservation. If we, as the Eagle Point Band of Ojibwe, annex the Forest County Band—it would almost a foregone outcome.”

“I like the way you think, Samuel, I’ll check with the Council of Elders—if we annex them, by treaty the state must allow annexation. All of Forest County is our tribal land.” Hiram grinned.

Meanwhile—aboard the Steam-Yacht, Chicago… On course for Superior, Wisconsin, Gina Apoloni called a meeting in the yacht’s private office.

Gina Apoloni called a meeting in the yacht’s private office

Gina Apoloni called a meeting in the yacht’s private office

College-educated, with a Master’s Degree in business from Harvard, Gina had been born to wealth in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Eschewing the family fortune and with her parents’ understanding and approval, she set out to make her own fortune.

She eventually ended up in Duluth, Minnesota where she went to work for Fidlap Engineering as the manager of the Business Development section.

It was there she met the charming—

—Giordano Minicucci had not been born to wealth, but managed to get an education at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. He was employed for ten years as an accountant for Fidlap Engineering in Duluth. He was deep in debt—due mostly to his student loans, and in part to spending a little too much time at the Black Bear Casino.

Both of them liked the casino—the difference was the fact she stopped when she started losing—he did not.

He was also persuasive and convinced Gina to come with him to help him start his own casino, “Why be chumps playing the games at Black Bear when we can make money with our own casino?”

She had fallen in love with this rogue—as some otherwise smart people sometimes do—emotion overrules intellect.

And too—she was bored to death of her job at Fidlap.

Now? Now she was angry; at herself for letting this happen, and at Giordano for his dumbass decisions.

“You listen to me, Giordano Mincucci!” Gina Apoloni took charge, “You wouldn’t listen to my advice—and LOOK where it got us!”


“Shut-up, Giordano!” Apoloni ordered, “YOU thought you could be the ‘boss,’ and you failed!”

To be continued…


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8 Responses to Minicucci and Apoloni

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh a woman of power…hmmm I wonder what devious plan she may come up with?

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  2. lhalvor says:

    BOred at Fidlap? Huh.,

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  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Push comes to shove!

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  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    This could get interesting… 😉

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