“Good Move, Pop!”

Forest County BannerPreviously:

“Yes Marshal Silverthorn, Special-Agent Black Cloud said I could manage the Casino, precisely because it is owned by your family and Silverthorn-Farkleberry Enterprises.”

“Very well, Liam,” Hiram Sr. grinned, “Here are the keys to both the casino and your new home.”

“First left after you cross the railroad tracks, second log townhome on your right, number 4” Marshal Silverthorn handed Gypsy the keys, “Welcome to our family!”

Gypsy’s hands shook as she accepted the keys and murmured, “Thank you.”

As Gypsy and Liam inspected their new home Liam cracked, “I guess we’ll be doing some shopping.”

“I can’t wait!”

Adventure Eight—Forest County—Episode Six… The first sign that things in Forest City were changing the people living on Third Street noticed was a well-preserved old car parked in front of Number 4 Second Street—they had no idea who was moving-in—but were delighted somebody was moving-in, not out.

A well-preserved old car parked in front of Number 4 Second Street.

“…a well-preserved old car parked in front of Number 4 Second Street.”

THAT—was what was important to them.

Word that someone bought and was planning on reopening the casino troubled some; while others were happy that maybe, just maybe, the local economy would improve.

Meanwhile—Inside Number 4 Second Street…

Gypsy couldn’t help but notice Liam’s fascination with the kitchen—that is after she marveled at the décor of the living room, the large master bedroom and smaller guest room, and how whoever decorated could possibly guess what she liked so closely, “I’m guessing you like the kitchen?”

“It couldn’t be better—it is like the designer could read my mind—would you like a tour of its charms?”

“Oh—no,” she replied, “I spent way too much time working in kitchens just to get by.”

“Ah—well, then. ‘Tis good I know my way around a kitchen, m’lass,” Liam affected a slight Irish brogue, “It’ll be corned beef and cabbage you’ll be havin’ t’night.”

“That sounds lovely—but don’t expect me to wash dishes,” she laughed, then frowned, “I did enough of that.”

Liam frowned, “Tell me.”

Gypsy and Liam inspected their new home

Liam frowned, “Tell me.”

“Pour yourself a drink and sit down as I tell you my tale of woe. After I left the group home I had to make a living—they don’t exactly send you out into the world well prepared. I had enough to get a room at the boarding house which included supper. I bought a paper and look at the ads. I was not trained for anything so I answered an ad for a dishwasher at this diner in a not-so-nice part of town. I was hired and I was on my feet for twelve hours a day with my arms up to my elbows in hot water all day long. While the pay was not much, it paid for the boarding house and a few creature comforts. I worked there for three years before I got laid off.  Guess why I lost my job?”

“I’ve not a clue,” Liam smiled at her, “Why?”

“They bought two industrial automatic dishwashers, one running all the time and the other being loaded by the busboys. Another job eliminated to automation.”

“Well there happens to be a brand new dishwasher in that beautiful kitchen over here. You will never have to wash dishes again. For that matter you do not have to cook either. I love to cook and when we have free time I will make you meals you never dreamed of.  I think we will do a lot of eating out or at the Casino so I have you covered!”

“Thank you Liam for making me the happiest women on the planet.  I am so glad we have a future together. Free of violence and fear.”

“Come over here and give me a kiss and I will show you what our life will be like,” Liam had a big smile on his face.

[AND—Cut to Commercial (whew)!]

Meanwhile—Just a block away—inside the casino… Hiram invited his friends inside the casino where some of the best gamblers in the world had been hired to test the equipment—and to try to beat the house, “The idea here is to test everything thoroughly—get the bugs out. Most of these folks have significant experience in inspecting and ferreting-out cheating—by both gamblers, and the house.”

“And Liam?” Buck Johnson was curious about Liam’s qualifications.

Hiram invited his friends inside the casino

“And Liam?”

“He’s already a very good gambler,” Hiram replied, “More importantly—I believe he is an honest man. Besides, no one who doesn’t pass our background investigation will be hired. Billy Black Cloud has agreed to work as Liam’s assistant manager.”

“He’s leaving the FBI?” Marshal Hiram Jr. was a bit surprised.

“He has his twenty-years in, and has submitted his retirement papers.”

“Good move, Pop!”

To be continued…


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6 Responses to “Good Move, Pop!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Things are heating up in that kitchen!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I have had no internet all day!! But I am here now and it was pretty steamy 🙂

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