“You fellas want to try your luck?”

Forest County BannerPreviously: “And Liam?” Buck Johnson was curious about Liam’s qualifications.

“He’s already a very good gambler,” Hiram replied, “More importantly—I believe he is an honest man. Besides, no one who doesn’t pass our background investigation will be hired. Billy Black Cloud has agreed to work as Liam’s assistant manager.”

“He’s leaving the FBI?” Marshal Hiram Jr. was a bit surprised.

“He has his twenty-years in, and has submitted his retirement papers.”

“Good move, Pop!”

Adventure Eight—Forest County—Episode Seven… The hiring process began in earnest—resumes confirmed—background checks (not all passed and were dismissed) completed, “I think we have a very qualified bunch waiting for us out on the floor.”

I think we have a very qualified bunch

“I think we have a very qualified bunch…”

“I think so too, Liam,” Billy Black Cloud agreed, “I had a ‘top-secret’ background check performed.”

“WOW! We’re lucky to have that many survive that!”

“That just shows the caliber of the citizens of Moosehead County,” Billy replied, “Usually about 10% of all applicants pass—I’ve never seen such a high rate.”

“I’ll bet I’d not survive such a check.”

“No, you wouldn’t—coming from the past makes such a check impossible,” Billy laughed, “I’m working on a ‘Liam History’ that will survive any check.”


“With the help of a dog—Cujo. She will create a pristine past for you.”

“But—what of Juco, the dog who brought here?”

“Cujo finally discovered him—and soon he’ll be taken care of.”


“I hear Cujo has some very powerful allies—a Wolvenking and a War-Eagle.”

“Let’s go meet the successful candidates in the Ops-Center.”

“Right behind you—Boss!”

Let’s go meet the successful candidates in the Ops-Center

“Right behind you—Boss!”

Mounted along the back wall were seven very-large cctv monitors scanning the entire casino floor and several desks and couches for on-duty security personnel. The newly hired folks were lined-up and awaiting the usual boring greetings from management—they were disappointed…

“Welcome to Siverthorn’s Casino—My name is Liam McOsker, manager of this operation. Standing next to me is William Black Cloud, assistant manager. You will meet one of the owners a little later. Billy? Your turn.”

“Both of us are available all the time if you need us. You’re all adults—so now you select work-shifts and shift supervisors. The hours of operation are 1200-0100hrs daily. We are opening tomorrow so get busy!”

Meanwhile—Hiram invited his friends inside the casino… Reservation US Marshal Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. and his deputies, Sgt. Leslie Peltier, Deputies John Ryan & Jordan Jones, Sam Silverthorn Hiram Sr., Boomer and the Johnson brothers were in front of the bar.

On the floor of the not yet opened casino behind them were some of the best gamblers in the world playing all the games and slots. These folks made their living gambling and each had the ability to “feel” if the games & slots were rigged.

“You fellas want to try your luck?” Hiram asked.

Hiram invited his friends inside the casino

“You fellas want to try your luck?”

“Only with Cujo at my side, Hiram.”

“Why Cujo?”

“So I could go back in time and play again and again and so on until I won.”

Thus ends this Adventure, but [as always] our story? To be continued…


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4 Responses to “You fellas want to try your luck?”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Cujo is seriously skilled. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I must say the photo’s are awesome!

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    I wonder if Collie will let me gamble? I crack me up! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀


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