On the lam?

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: “There’s no way that Charger could keep-up with Strider,” Daisy was hoping for a thrilling ride—she had a “need for speed!”

“It can’t, but—I need to know what’s ahead, first.”

They had continued down (now) Moosehead County Road 62 for several miles when Flutters reported, “Roadblock three miles ahead in Miller’s Junction!”

“Thanks, Birdbrain, any way around it?”

“Yes O’Dog of Brown & White, If your human can drive through the gas station.”

“Thank you, Flutters,” Boomer laughed, “I’ll make that decision when we get there.”

Boomer continued to drive the speed limit until reaching the town when he slowed to a stop.

“What do you think, Daisy—can we fit?”


Adventure Nine—Silverthorn’s—Episode Two…Using his communicator, Flutters reported, “In front of you are four BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) agents who have the road mostly blocked, and behind you is, of course, FBI Special Agent Dominick Slater. Master says you can fit through the gas station—if you veer quickly back onto the road precisely in the intersection.”

“Do you trust Flutters, Alpha-Jack?”

“He has bird-eyes, Daisy—far keener than yours or mine—so yes,” Boomer replied, as he stomped down on the gas pedal.

Instantly—Strider showed what he could do.

Instantly—Strider showed what he could do.

Instantly—Strider showed what he could do.

With almost no tire-spin all four wheels dug-in as Strider rocketed forward—pinning Boomer and Daisy to their seat-backs.

Boomer aimed for the incredibly narrow corridor between the gas pumps and concrete curbing.

As soon as they began running the defile, Boomer steered slightly to the right—there was no room for error.

Flutters accelerated to his maximum level flight speed of 110 mph, faster even than the  white-throated needletail, the fastest North American bird, capable of speeds of 105 mph (a gift from the Great War-Eagle, Karma BigFeathers).

Too busy driving (and riding)—neither Boomer nor Daisy saw the BIA agents totally engulfed in red dust.

Flutters did, however—he was quite pleased.

A mile down the road Boomer stopped to allow a tired pigeon to join them in Strider.

A mile down the road Boomer stopped

A mile down the road Boomer stopped

“Now where to?”

“I think, Daisy, we’re as Liam might say, ‘on the lam’.”

“Where?” Flutters asked.

“How ‘bout ‘when’?” Boomer grinned, “But first—we visit the new Eagle Point Casino.”

“Is that wise, O un-feathered one?”

“No—but those guys are between us and home.”

Meanwhile—the Coopers were visiting the McIntyres at the Cabin-on-the-Rock… “It has been over a month and we’re still here—I guess Boomer’s computer survived,” Sarah said, “I expect things will settle-down for a while.”

“This IS Danger Bay,” Jay grinned, “Things never really settle down.”

Kiwi heard a knock on the door upstairs—and was stunned by who was at the door…

To be continued…


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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8 Responses to On the lam?

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Kiwi heard a knock on the door upstairs—and was stunned by who was at the door…


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    “Settling down” in Danger Bay?! Well, *anything* could happen there, I suppose!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Nice driving I must say! Flutters again proves he can be a good asset 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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