Mandy, Sunshine and The Beagle Brigade

Silverthorn's BannerPreviously: Hiram jumped as his phone vibrated before it rang.

“I really gotta eliminate that vibrate—it always makes me jump,” Hiram said to Lar as he pulled the phone from his pocket, “This is Hiram…”

“Oh HIRAM!” Collie interrupted, crying, “Kiwi—Kiwi—Kiwi has been shot! She’s—she’s—she didn’t survive, Hiram. I am so sorry!”

Hiram dropped the phone—his face blank.

“What is it?” Farkleberry asked, dropping his fine-tuned hayseed speech, “Hiram! Talk to me!”

“It’s Kiwi,” Hiram’s face ashen, “She’s dead, Lar—My wife of fifty years is dead!”


“She was murdered—shot. That was Collie McIntyre on the phone.”

“What can I do?” A teary-eyed Lar asked.

“Get the boys and notify all the law enforcement agencies, Lar—I’m going to my wife!”

Adventure Nine—Silverthorn’s—Episode Nine… An hour later all available emergency services personnel were at the Cabin-on-the-Rock. Kiwi’s body was carefully moved to the Coroner’s van where Doc McLean was examining her for any evidence which could help identify her killer.

The rain continued to obliterate any evidence at the cabin and the ground surrounding it.

The rain continued to obliterate any evidence at the cabin

The rain continued to obliterate any evidence at the cabin

“Wyatt? You have to take the lead on this investigation, I can’t, I just can’t…”

“I know, Marshal Silverthorn,” Danger Bay Town Marshal Wyatt Earp replied, “We’ll find the bastard, by God—we’ll find him!”

Law enforcement personnel from all over Moosehead County: Moosehead City, Forest City, Devil Track Lake, and Danger Bay—and even from outside the county—units from Grand Marais, and the Minnesota State Patrol responded.

Marshal Earp with no small amount of help from Moosehead County Sheriff Todd McCoy coordinated the investigation—sending search teams out to search all of Scenic Highway 61 and every side road in both directions from its northern intersection with Minnesota Highway 61 to its southern intersection with MN-61.

Meanwhile—on Historic Highway 61—not far from PawZ… Dr. James Red Cloud over the months since his colleague, Dr. Sandra Peterson adopted her, had come to love 12-year-old Mandy Peterson as family.

Mandy was a natural with animals—and a quick learner. She was interested in Ojibwe traditions and history. In particular, ‘though, field craft—the ability to pass through the forests and prairie without leaving a trail—and to follow a trail left by others—and she was good at it.

So when Mandy learned of the search for clues in the murder of Kiwi Silverthorn she wanted to help, “Please Uncle Jimmy, we need to search with the Beagle Brigade—PLEASE UNCLE JIMMY—PLEASE!”

“Let’s check with your mom.”

Sandra was not sure at first if this was a such a good idea—realizing how good Kiwi had treated them when they first arrived, AND how determined her daughter was—she agreed.

Red Cloud, Mandy, and the “Beagle Brigade” had been searching in the heavy rain for less than an hour when…


The Beagles and Sunshine found something!

The Beagles and Sunshine found something

The Beagles and Sunshine found something

Thus concludes this adventure—but our story? To be continued…


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10 Responses to Mandy, Sunshine and The Beagle Brigade

  1. Sounds promising! Probably not a big arrow pointing ——> BASTARD HERE but something at least.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lhalvor says:

    YEA beagles. Arooooo! Despite or because of the rain.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    With Mandy, Sunshine, and the Beagle Brigade on the caseSLATER IS TOAST! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Nothing gets by a beagle nose!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Chris Shouse says:

    Mandy and Sandra have settled in quick nice into the Danger Bay Community. If the animals love them then I love them and trust they will come up with something.

    Liked by 1 person

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