“Opportunities for a hired gun…”

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: “He didn’t like it much, he was a lumberman,” Boomer quipped, “I think that was about the time his first wife divorced him and married a fellow 20 years younger (that and the fact he was a lumberman are true—the rest is pure fiction). I hope to get the opportunity to meet him.”

“I understand that, Boomer, but I want you with me,” Mac continued, “You and I will go to Moosehead City and get the lay of the land there—I need your guns with me—just in case.”

“What about me?” Flutters asked.

“You and the dog-people take to the woods around Forest City—along the way see if you can hook-up with any sentient wolves and ask them to help.”

Well—GENTLE READER—it appears Mac has set things in motion—whaddaya think?

Adventure Ten—Searching for Almonzo—Episode 3…

Jay and Sarah Cooper arrived in Williams Station and rode up to the marshal’s office.

Jay and Sarah Cooper arrived in Williams Station

Jay and Sarah Cooper arrived in Williams Station

A rather dapper looking man wearing the badge of a deputy US Marshal, was standing outside—and as they approached he greeted them with, “How do? I’m Silas Boardman, and the law in this town. If you’re looking for trouble—just keep riding.”

Jay grinned and tipped his hat back on his head, “No sir, we are not looking for trouble, we came to visit you.”

“Visit me? That usually means trouble—especially when visitors are as heavily armed as you two—or if my ex-wife sent you.”

“Jane Elizabeth didn’t send us. We heard of you in Danger Bay and thought you might be willing to help us.”

“You know about Jane? I never speak her name, to anyone. Who told you about her?”

“We heard about you and Jane from your great-grandson,” Sarah replied, “Boomer Jack Boardman, grandson of Odessa.”

“You are liar, madam, Odessa is only 7 years old!”

“That is a bit astounding, I understand that, but it is true,” Sarah replied with a smile, “Marshal, you are about to even more astounded.”

“This would be your cue,” Jay laughed, “Cujo.”

Meanwhile—at roughly the same time…

Merle, Chris and Linda arrived in Forest City where they were greeted in front of the saloon by, “Good afternoon folks, I reckon you’re new in town?”

“Yep,” Merle couldn’t help but notice the two men’s physique—and hoped to avoid a brawl, “We heard about this place in Grand Marais.”

“Good or bad?”

Merle, Chris and Linda arrived in Forest City

“Good or bad?”

“All good—a place with opportunities.”

“Opportunities for a hired gun,” Edward Slater replied, “But not for women dressed like that, women need to dress like women.”

Merle thought, “Oh no—you’re not going there…”

Before he finished his thought—four Remington .44s were pointed at the two unfortunate men—in less than an eye-blink both Chris and Linda drew-down on them.

To be continued…


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6 Responses to “Opportunities for a hired gun…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I like it..the feel of heat in my hands…do you feel the power Linda?


  2. lhalvor says:

    I Do feel the power. Dress like women? Geez.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    We should’ve told Silas to sit down before we started this conversation. 😉 (PS, I love the name Silas.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jack Boardman says:

      He was so-named by Timothy Boardman (1809-1889) and his wife, Sally Burritt (1815-1847). It’s a good, sturdy name. 😉


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