Leaving town wasn’t so easy!

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Previously: Merle, Chris and Linda were instructed to stay in town and watch over the saloon, as the Slaters left town to catch-up with Almonzo, “We need you to keep this place in line—those fellas just can’t be trusted.”

“Yes boss,” Chris figured the best thing to do was agree, and hang around for an hour or so—before heading out themselves.

After they left Chris turned to Linda, “Wherever they’re going, we’d best follow.”

“Agreed,” Linda replied, “We could sure use the dogs and Flutters about now.”

Adventure Ten—Searching for Almonzo—Episode 6… Of course, leaving town wasn’t so easy—nothing in these adventures ever is. They had just mounted and were confronted, “You three was told to stay here, and that’s jes what you’re gonna do.”

Leaving town wasn’t so easy

“You three was told to stay here, and that’s jes what you’re gonna do.”

They were eight—and they didn’t look as though they could be persuaded by the spoken word—but Merle tried just the same, “You fellas willing to die?”

Chris and Linda exchanged a glance and almost instantly drew all four of their Remington .44s, Merle was only a half-second behind them. It was over in seconds—four of the eight lay dead, two more were mortally-wounded, and two fled town, and one of them would perish within an hour.

Chris looked at the men on the ground, “It appears they were prepared to die.”

Merle and Linda shrugged as the holstered their weapons and asked their sentient horses to start the journey.

Nearly an hour later—on the road to Danger Bay…

With the sentient horses, North Star (“Star-Dancer,” Chris), App (“Tempest-Star,” Linda), and Brave (Merle), they could ride much faster than ordinary non-sentient horses—and soon came up behind the end of a very-long column of Slater’s men and supporters.

Shortly after—and just as they realized attacking this column would be an act of suicide—Flutters arrived, “We’re here, and we’ve brought a pack of very-large wolven warriors.”

And, from out of nowhere, three plucky “Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm-in-service-of-Ringo-Wolvenking” appeared, “Hello PeopleDog Chris.”


On the road to Danger Bay


“We can’t stop the column completely, there are nearly two-hundred of them,” Daisy bayed, “But we can significantly cut their number.”

“As the wolves attack the middle of column,” Pepper instructed, “Engage the rear of the column.”

“Let’s do it!” Chris grinned as she drew her .44s and began aiming and shooting—Merle and Linda joined-in.

Still—they were horribly outnumbered…

To be continued…


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7 Responses to Leaving town wasn’t so easy!

  1. Not just any ol’ breed of wolven warriors but the very large kick-ass type…..still gonna need some help though 😦

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Rooten Tooten Shooten..gotta love it 🙂

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  3. lhalvor says:

    Until Monday?????


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    Now my trigger-fingers are itching, DAMMIT! 😛

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