“They’re only humans.”

Searching for Almonzo bannerPreviously: And, from out of nowhere, three plucky “Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm-in-service-of-Ringo-Wolvenking” appeared, “Hello PeopleDog Chris.”


“We can’t stop the column completely, there are nearly two-hundred of them,” Daisy bayed, “But we can significantly cut their number.”

“As the wolves attack the middle of column,” Pepper instructed, “Engage the rear of the column.”

“Let’s do it!” Chris grinned as she drew her .44s and began aiming and shooting—Merle and Linda joined-in.

Still—they were horribly outnumbered…

Adventure Ten—Searching for Almonzo—Episode 7… Of the one-hundred or so in Slater’s column, fifty or so died or were seriously wounded—even with the help of the dogs and wolves (three wolves died in the fight—no dogs were hurt).

Flutters, unable to assist in the “Battle of Forest Road,” made the correct decision to find both the Cooper and McIntyre groups and tell them Slater was headed for Danger Bay.

Flutters first found the Cooper Group on the Coach Road… “You must head immediately for Danger Bay—Slater and many, many gunman are on their way. Merle, Chris and Linda with help from the dogs and sentient wolves cut into their forces, but still they are many—hurry!”

“Were any of our folks hurt?”

Flutters first found the Cooper Group on the Coach Road

“Were any of our folks hurt?”

“Three wolves died, Sarah, that I know of,” Flutters replied, “I must fly and find Big Mac and Boomer!”

And Flutters was gone.

“Okay, we need to move as quickly as we can,” Jay was pondering the quickest route, “Cross-country I think, there’s a logging road about a mile ahead that is fairly straight and should cut an hour off our travel time.”

“Agreed,” Sarah replied, “let’s go, Windy.”

Sarah’s horse knew exactly where to find the road—and which direction to turn, Silas Boardman was a little bit astounded, “How can a bird speak, and how does your horse know where to go?”

“Because we’re intelligent,” Silas’ horse replied—stunning Silas to silence.

Soon—Flutters caught up with Big Mac and Boomer… “Hello, Bird-Brain!” Boomer greeted, “What’s-up?”

Flutters caught up with Big Mac and Boomer

“Hello, Bird-Brain!” Boomer greeted, “What’s-up?”

“Master says to make all haste to Danger Bay—where you will find Almonzo Slater and as many as 100 of his men.”


“The Brown and White is fine and acquitted herself well in battle. Master says to hurry!”

“We’ll stay on this road, it’s the fastest route to Danger Bay,” Mac turned to Thunderhoof, “Correct?”

“Yes,” his horse Thunderhoof, replied, “Follow me!”

Karl McIntyre didn’t seem surprised by the talking-horse, “So—my horse isn’t the only one.”

THAT surprised both Mac and Boomer.

Lacrosse whinnied, “I am amazed you humans didn’t notice…”

“They’re a little dense sometimes,” Pal whinnied in reply, “They’re only humans.”

To be continued…


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Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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7 Responses to “They’re only humans.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Should we humans be insulted? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ha that proves how little the animals know, I’m far denser than a ‘little’….that’s good right?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    “My horse isn’t the only one” — Love that! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    Lacrosse whinnied, “I am amazed you humans didn’t notice…”



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