The Battle Of Danger Bay

Searching for Almonzo BannerPreviously: MEANWHILE—Chris, Linda, Merle, the dog & wolf-people… were cautiously following Slater’s bunch—too outnumbered to try again to take them on—and satisfied with the damage they’d already inflicted.

That is—until Cujo appeared, “There is a trail about a mile ahead—turn left on that trail—it will allow you to get to Danger Bay ahead of Slater and meet-up with the rest of your friends.”

“What trail?” Chris asked, “I know this area and I know of no such trail.”

“Trust me—you will find a trail,” Cujo grinned—and was gone.

“You know my big sister wouldn’t lead you astray?”

“I do, Daisy. She can be so mysterious.”

Adventure Ten—Searching for Almonzo—Episode 9—Conclusion…

The three groups arrived in Danger Bay first, with Mac and Boomer climbing on the roof of the Sezavich Smokehouse with their rifles—the rest of the group arrayed themselves along the lakeside rocks.

The horses were sent into the forest behind the fence line—and would be called into battle if needed. The sentient wolves covered the left flank along the shoreline rocks.

The Battle of Danger Bay

The Battle of Danger Bay

Daisy, Buttons and Pepper remained near their human friends along the shoreline.

James and Brave Hawk Silverthorn stood with Medlar Farkleberry near Silverthorn’s Trading Post and Tadusz Sezavich and his wife Adelaide prepared themselves in front of the smoke house (their two old muskets close at hand).

The hardest part of any battle is waiting.

An hour later Slater arrived. He stopped his column, and with his brothers and two lieutenants walked towards Farkleberry and the Silverthorns, “This town is now mine—any objections?”

“This village and all the lands within a day’s ride in all directions belongs to the Eagle Point Ojibwe, not to us as individuals but to the Ojibwe Nation. If you wish this village, you may have the buildings—but you must remove them from these lands.”

“You will cede this town and the land it stands upon—or die,” Almonzo Slater growled, “Do you understand?”

“I am Enapay-Chatan, Brave Hawk in your tongue, war chief of the Eagle Point tribe, I order you to leave our land forever—or face the consequences,” Brave Hawk touched his shoulder—a signal to all to engage.

Gunfire erupted from the rocks along the shoreline and one after another of the riders fell.

“I’m up to seven hits,” Chris exclaimed.

“I have eight!” Linda began to reload, “Four misses.”

“Ten out of twelve shots!” Chris shouted as she stopped to exchange cylinders.

“Good!” Linda was already reloading as the remaining riders felt the wrath of a half-dozen wolven warriors followed closely by three small Canine-Knights-of-the-Realm.

Many riders fell from their horses—the majority fled upon their terrified non-sentient horses.

They didn’t get far before the sentient steeds hiding in the woods were upon them—not a single raider survived.

From atop Sezavich’s Smokehouse, Boomer had Almonzo Slater centered in his scope.

He squeezed off a single shot at Slater—relieved that Slater was facing him.

Boomer squeezed off a shot

Boomer squeezed off a shot

Thus ends this Adventure and Season, But our story? To be continued…


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10 Responses to The Battle Of Danger Bay

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    At least he was facing me!


  2. lhalvor says:

    What? The end???

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well that’ll teach ’em but was that single shot enough? Is the heinous Almonzo still up to no good?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Whoa, lots of action! Loved that they were offered the buildings. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh I hope this means Kiwi is still alive!!! 🙂


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