Austin-Healey 3000

Back to the past Banner Previously: They decided to get dry and cleaned up and take Mandy and Sunshine to Collie’s.  Then drive on over to Forest City.  Since Mandy would be gone all night they could relax and enjoy themselves.  

Jimmy was thinking as he took a shower, “Could it be possible she likes me?  I already know I love her and Mandy. I wonder…”

MEANWHILE—Boomer and Linda stopped at Farkleberry’s… Lar ALWAYS has several restored cars and trucks—except today, “Wal m’source fer cars has dried-up in the past coupla weeks. I here-tell there’s a place what’s been keepin’ ol’ Heck mighty busy.”

“Who’s that?”

“Wal, Boomer,” Farkleberry replied, “It ‘pears-like they reopened the dealer up in Lakeside City—up 61 in Cook County, an they’re takin’ all th’ cars an’ trucks they kin git their hands on.”

“Where are they getting the cars, do you know?”

“Not fer sure, but the place is in Superior, Wisconsin.”

“Thanks Lar,” Boomer was now curious, “We’ll drive up there and take a look.”

Season 12—Adventure 1—Episode 2… Boomer and Linda arrived in Lakeside City, “Look at the car on the back of that truck!”

“It looks like an Austin-Healey 3000,” Boomer observed, “Are you interested?”

Boomer and Linda arrived in Lakeside City

“It looks like an Austin-Healey 3000,” Boomer observed, “Are you interested?”

“I am,” Linda replied, “Even more so if it were teal instead of red. I’m guessing they didn’t come in teal.”

“Are you hungry? They still need to unload the Austin and do the paperwork, we probably have at least a half-hour to kill.”

“Yeah, I’m hungry, I wonder what their wine list includes…”

“Probably comes in a paper bag carafe.”

Neither wine nor craft beer were on the menu—and only hot dogs and greasy hamburgers (cheese extra)—so they didn’t linger past a hot dog and ice water, “You folks leaving already?”

Neither wine nor craft beer were on the menu at Bennett’s

“You folks leaving already?”

“Yeah,” Boomer replied, “We have a car to look at next door.”

“Oh—I’m sorry.”  


“Just be careful. They got some good stuff—and some with title problems.”

“Thanks,” Linda smiled.

Linda had to check the Austin-Healey and hoped they’d be able to see it.

Surprisingly enough, the Healey was already on the show floor—and the single, and only, salesman, who looked a bit familiar, was right there when they walked in, “Welcome to Henderson Auto Sales, name’s Felix Henderson—grandson of the original owner. I see that Austin-Healey has caught your eye.”

“I am, but word around town is—sometimes there are problems with car-titles here.”

Linda had to check the Austin-Healey

“I am, but word around town is—sometimes there are problems with car-titles here.”

“That’s true,” He replied, “In the past I was still new in the profession, sometimes too fast in putting cars on the lot or here on the show floor. Now, I wait until the title is confirmed.”

“Let’s talk,” Linda replied.

MEANWHILE—At Liam and Gypsy’s townhome… “So glad you accepted our invitation,” Gypsy said as the four of them entered, “You’re our first guests.”

So glad you accepted our invitation

“So glad you accepted our invitation.”

“Thank you so much for having us.  This will give us a chance to get to know each other better.  What a lovely place—so modern and up to date. Look at those granite counter tops. I love what you have done with the place.” Sandra knew she was babbling but she was still in awe that she was happy and safe with no more threats to her life.  Best of all the time she had been spending with Jimmy, had brought them so close together. She really thought  she was in love with him and she thought he felt the same.

With drinks made the conversation turned to Liam and Gypsy. Sandra asked “So you guys are here to stay?”

“Yes we love it here. The casino job is working very well for both of us. We both finally feel like we are putting roots down. The people both here in Forest City and the people of Danger Bay have welcomed us with open arms. It has been wonderful.”  Gypsy smiled up into Liam’s eyes.

Sandra and Jimmy could feel the electric charge in the room and smiled at each other. Sandra agreed it was a wonderful community, “Speaking of community—someone left a new batch of puppies at Pawz. They are the cutest things. It is great being around the animals and that people know if they can’t take care of them Pawz is a safe haven.”

“Oh Liam could we get a dog?” 

“I do not see any reason why not. Are they ready for adoption yet?”

“Yes they are” Sandra replied, “Come by next week and pick one out”

“I have to ask have you set a date for your wedding  yet?

“No not yet but I am hoping to do that soon as things slow down at the casino a bit and we can take a bit of time off.”

The two couples really seemed to hit it off. Both felt it was going to be a very good friendship, one that would last a long time.

On the drive back to Danger Bay, Jimmy was very quiet and thoughtful. He pulled the car off the road—coincidently, at the same spot when Liam had proposed to Gypsy, “Let’s take a walk down by the lake.” 

It was a beautiful night the moon shinning on the lake.  Jimmy was nervous but he looked at Sandr​a and dropped to one knee, “Sandra, will you marry me?”

To be continued…


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10 Responses to Austin-Healey 3000

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh my will she say yes??? We will have to wait all weekend for the answer!!

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  2. lhalvor says:

    Wow. Will this turn into a crotch novel?

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Dang! This is a LONG EPISODE! 😀

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  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, the comments!! 😀 The proposal kind of surprised me (I know it shouldn’t have) but I wondered when they’d get around to adopting a dog!

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