Arturo’s smile—malevolent

Back to the past Banner Previously: “Oh this is but a sample of the ‘magic’ my friends from the future, can make,” James explained, “I have come to expect nearly anything from them.”

“Just wait until you see your personal quarters in the next car.”

“Oh, Boomer,” James grinned, “We have no need of such quarters—we will sleep here.”

“It rains here often—as you may have noticed, it is quite verdant here,” Mac said, “Perhaps you’d like some shelter?”

Black Hawk was a quick study, not unlike his older brother, “Yes, perfect!”

This, of course, negated the need for the second “Parlor Car,” so it was disconnected and the Adventure Train pulled slowly out of the Danger Bay railroad station.

And into danger

Season 12—Adventure 1—Episode 9… Two hours later… Paulo and Arturo Moralas kept their part of the bargain—and returned with four mules loaded with supplies. 

And two weeks later—on the brown Minnesota prairie… Edward Slater finally asked, “How much did this cost?”

“As we promised, Senor Boss,” Paulo smiled, “This cost us nothing—but it cost Senor Mason, the owner of these fine mules, and Senor Shopkeeper a little something.”

“As we promised, Senor Boss”

“As we promised, Senor Boss”

“How much?”

“Their lives?”

“Why didn’t the sheriff come after us?”

“We spoke to him—and both deputies as well.”

“Well, then,” Miles, realizing just how ruthless these Mexicans were, said, “You did good—DAMN GOOD—And are now full partners in this operation.”

“I thinks, Senor Partner, you should tell us your plans—no?”

“Si, Paulo,” Arturo’s smile—malevolent, “Or we will soon make the plans.”

Meanwhile—the Adventure Train had reached Fort Leavenworth Kansas…

Big Mac had sent word ahead to the District US Marshal that they’d be arriving on their way to Fort Justice, and requested a meeting with him to discuss current problems with the frontier along the way to Nevada, “Chris come with me, please.”

“You’re not planning on shootin’ him,” Linda cracked, “Or—are you?”

“If that were the case, deputy,” Mac rumbled, “I’d have sent just you—AND Chris.”

As Big Mac and Chris rode to Fort Leavenworth, Chris asked, “Why me, Mac—and not Boomer?”

Big Mac and Chris rode to Fort Leavenworth

“Why me, Mac—and not Boomer?”



“When we get to North Fort Justice, you, Linda, and the Coopers will get off the train and get the lay of the land there. I believe the Slaters won’t go directly to Fort Justice.”

“They’re not able to handle the Slaters at the fort?”

“No, they’re down to a single troop—Col Cooper had to dispatch a troop to a developing situation fifty miles west. Let’s go see Marshal McLendon for our update.”

To be continued…


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7 Responses to Arturo’s smile—malevolent

  1. Malevolent, very malevolent, Monday morning style malevolent.

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m almost afraid to step off the train … !

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Let me at em…Linda and I can take em on 🙂 lol

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  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    From what I understand, their goal is to have at least ONE-HUNDRED RIDERS! :-/


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